Mamma’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

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Saturday was our local Pee-Wee Rodeo; it’s always the third Saturday in August. Boy-howdy, was it ever a hot-n-dusty day with triple digit temps and eager cowpokes, daddies, mammas, and other assorted kinfolk. There were horses, goats, steers, saddles, helmets, vests, boots, jeans, handkerchiefs, ribbons, chickens (as in the type with feathers), cash prizes, gloves, chaps, gritted teeth, determined attitudes, and smiles a plenty.


We measured the goodness of the day this way: nobody got hurt (other than bruises and dehydration) and nobody peed their britches. Plus, as an added bonus, our kiddo did not catch a hen (with money tied to it’s leg) in the chicken dash at the close of the shindig. He was bummed. I was relieved — it was too blasted hot to pluck feathers and make a fried chicken dinner.





.Just a rodeo drifter, he comes and he goes,

Like a wild wind that blows in the night.



The highways and backroads are all that he knows,

He’ll be gone with the mornin’s grey light.



Like a blue norther howlin’ like the tumbleweeds blow,

There’s no way to settle him down.



His spirit’s as wild as the horses he rides,

His freedom he wears like a crown.




Congrats to my boy (the one in the top image)

for riding to a 2nd place finish

in the steer-riding event.


Yeehaw little buckaroo

your daddy & mamma are proud of you!




~ images by SimplyDarlene

~ lyrics from: Chris LeDoux. He Rides The Wild Horses; Capitol Nashville: 2006)




17 thoughts on “Mamma’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys”

  1. Chrystal says:

    Oh my goodness, Wyatt is getting so big or i should say he is becoming a young man. How does that feel mom? Love love all the pictures, you are so good!

    • Oh, miss Chrystal, he’s literally grown a foot since we left the west side a few years ago. Miss you oodles and oodles.


  2. pastordt says:

    I see the apple don’t fall far from the tree! Congrats to the buckeroo – and to the mama, too. You’re raisin’ up one fine feller, that’s clear to see. Okay, enough of that….Kudos to the boy and his mom. Job well done!

    • Okay, miss D – it must be known that I did not want to attend this rodeo. I wanted to spend the day at the lake. I wanted, I wanted, I wanted and then I argued, argued, argued. The boys went on. I followed with food and water and sunscreen and a better attitude. And truth be known, I’m glad I went.

      I didn’t know there was gonna be steer riding, I didn’t know my kiddo would love it, and I didn’t know he could do it without breaking a rib or wetting his pants.

      By the way, my husband is the horseman of the family, well, he and my son. I am the support crew (most of the time, when I’m not trying to get my way).

      They do owe me a day at the lake now…

      • pastordt says:

        Okay. So the apple doesn’t fall too far from the OTHER tree. :>) I’m imagining that he’s got plenty of his momma goin’ on, too, though. :>)

    • yep, me too. we each have our own equine-style helmet, but they had a tote full of helmets with face shields and rodeo vests so we borrowed a set for our cowpokey. i definitely like the grill over the face.

  3. I would have preferred the chicken chasing to the steer riding. I like to interact with bovines during the knife and fork stage (apologies to my vegan friends). Congrats to the little man. Must have some of his momma’s spunk about him.

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