When Yarkin’ Is A Sign

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Dear God –


Seems I’ve got some decisions to make, and quite frankly, the whole process of thinking and deciding and figuring is wearing me ragged. Ragged like the bottoms of my too-long jeans that drag through dirt and get trampled underneath my muck boots. Well, before I entered the decision-making arena, You already knew the state of my heart and my mind and how on Sunday evening I was ready to say hasta la pasta to all this writing and photography and how on Monday morning I did – I chose to toss it in the manure pile, farewell my futile attempts at making a difference I muttered.


Oh, I know that You know this, but sometimes I just gotta get it out through my fingertips and onto paper (or virtual paper as in this case).


Then bang! You dropped a mighty encouragment in my lap. So, after the shock and awe of it all, I dug around in the steaming heap and pulled out my writerly what-nots and decided to go forth. Not because I think I’m all that and a side o’ fries, but because You are all that. Because You are the full-meal deal. The whole enchilada. You are all that and a side o’ fries. And the dipping sauce.


Now, please, Lord, help me to keep my focus on not what I can do for others (with writing or photography or any ole thing for that matter), but how I can show others what You continually do for me… 


‘Cause we all know that any grit I got, came from You. After wise counsel from sisters in Christ, prayers, discernment, and all that hoopla, I finally made a choice and I finally have a peace about the opportunity given unto me. A peace for me. From You. Thanks for that.



Your darlin’ daughter,

princess of the King of kings,

Simply Darlene


P.S. And when a person feels continually like yarkin’ over a matter, that’s a sure as shootin’ a sign. Thanks for the rumbly in the tummy. (And for nearby bathrooms and Pepto — and the prayers of friends that ultimately gave me the gut-rot.)



* I am still taking a goodly sized break from blogging… have to do peaches and kale and green beans and onions today. Hint for dehydrating onions: move dehydrator OUTSIDE ’cause the funion-onion smell seeps into one’s underwear drawer and Yikes! that’s a shocker at dawn’s early light.




13 thoughts on “When Yarkin’ Is A Sign”

  1. Been there. Might be there now. But it will pass.

    I’m so glad you dove into that hot heap to rescue your writerly what-lots. Cuz you are an inspiration and encouragement and you make me laugh and you make me think.

    And I hope you’re feeling better from the rumbly and the stingy.

    • Indeed, miss Sandra, indeed I am, on both accounts. Thank ya for asking.

      Regarding the sting, Yowzer.

      Regarding our God, Wowzer! Blessings.

  2. You are hilarious and right on!!! Amen, amen, amen!!! I went through some of the very same thing about a week ago. “Now why am I doing this God….because I think I’m talking to the walls.” I didn’t get a call like you did, but I got the most amazing email….out of the blue….and took out my camera and collecting some thoughts and couldn’t stop thank the Lord for sending me the encouragement I needed at the very moment I needed it. I truly can’t wait to see what God is going to do in and through you, Darlene. And it’s good to know you are recovering from all that’s ailed you this week.

  3. lschontos says:

    You make me smile. I’m so glad you decided to keep writing. It would just be wrong if you weren’t here sharing what the Father puts on your little ole heart. You bless me – always.
    Have fun doin’ up all the stuff, and come back soon.
    (Do you notice that we all begin to sound just a little like you. See what influence you have?)

  4. Oh, yes…and you know, that God-nudge passed right on down from you to me. Thanks for that! I love your grit and I love how you give glory to the One who made us out of grit and yeah, I think He means for us to use what He gave us but sometimes that’s all too easy to forget. And sometimes, you just have to put away peaches and onions and that’s OK ’cause He gave us those, too.

    • Yay! Miss Erica, my long-lost friend and sister in Christ. We need you out here in Blogland. You have been given a gift and it’s high time you share it!

      And in regard to that peach and onion bit, oh my land, make sure all the onion bits are outta the dehydrator before drying your peaches overnight. Yikes. We’re gonna have us a multi-fooderal flavor sensation when we eat those peaches.


  5. I like how you make decisions! Mine are made too hastily.

    And if I were a cat, I’d be dead by now (curiosity-killed). 😉

  6. S. Etole says:

    Sometimes I wonder what happens to the comments I leave for you and then I wonder if I just left them in my head and my fingers didn’t do their work! Keep writing, girl! You’ve a wonderful gift.

    • I don’t know. I always see your kind words. If something eat them up and I catch the gobbler, I’ll clobber it over the head. Ya know, in a loving sorta way.

      YOu bless me to the moon and back.

      Love ya.

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