Autumn Buttons Up

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For the last several years, autumn has proved to be a very challenging time of year for me and my family. Despite all the blood -n- bumps, mud -n- guts, and impending winters, the good remains unscathed.


When the good is God,

our hope always shines bright.

Because how can it be anything different?

Look forward with hopeful expectation of the good that is yet to come.




buttons up




She carries



and leaves

Summer’s delight

in her




Peach stems

and cherry


to be






[Many thanks for the prayers and concern regarding my recent concussion. Who knew praying could be so dangerous, aye? Or that the skull of your kiddo could be so dang-blasted hard. This morning my son said, “Good morning, momma raccoon. Wow, your eyes look weird.” And yes, ma, I’m trying to rest in between processing a case each of pears, plums, and sweet onions, hence the shortest post ever written by me. Blessings to, on, for, around, up & down, inside, outside, upside down, underneath, and smack on top of you all.]



5 thoughts on “Autumn Buttons Up”

  1. lschontos says:

    I love this poem Darlene. I am praying for you – for a quick recovery. In the meantime …. rest a little.

  2. Praying for you! Autumn is tough for me, too. I love it, it’s beautiful, but it’s tough. Hope you are feeling better (and less raccoonish) very soon.

  3. S. Etole says:

    How I do love autumn in her bright flannels … hope you are recovering quickly.

  4. pajamachick says:

    I am glad you are starting to get some much needed rest. Head injuries stink, for many reasons, and I hope you are feeling yourself again soon!!

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