Dear Darlene (2 Letters)

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To Darlene,

Lots of folks are better than you and loads of women are purtier than you. Lots are way more articulate, better word-weavers, and most have knacks for garnering attention. And you? Well, you are just you. Darlene. Country girl. Law school drop-out. And probably the most unfashionable woman in America. I mean really, who wears their husband’s Levis from high school to church? And who doesn’t at least try to hem that extra 12 inches rather than bunch it up at their ankles? Yikes, girl.

Oh, and let’s get started with some other stuff, shall we? You still have a root of bitterness that trips you. Down ya go, with a thud. How’s that feel? Pretty bad, huh? Why can’t you just get over it. You’re a Believer and you are supposed to be perrrrfect. All. The. Time.

Before I forget, here’s something else, you are never, not ever, gonna have the website traffic and popularity as lots of ladies out here. Good night, girl, if you don’t start telling people what they wanna hear, you ain’t never gonna be popular. Then, how you gonna sell any books. As if… as if you are ever going to get it together enough to finish that blasted book.

What are you doing up so early, anyway? I mean, it’s been dark for three hours. Go back to bed already.

Kind regards,

Someone you listen to too much

(who loves you not at all)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dearest Darlene,

You are the daughter of the King of kings – that makes you a princess worth more than a wheelbarrow o’ gold, missy. You have been blessed beyond measure with unique gifts and treasures. And you? Well, you are just you. Darlene. Country girl. And that’s more than good enough. Even though you are probably the most unfashionable woman in America, I don’t give a rip-tootin’ snort because the shape of your heart is what matters most. You shine, girl.

Oh, and let’s get started with some other stuff, shall we? You still have a root of bitterness that trips you. Down ya go, with a thud. How’s that feel? Pretty bad, huh? Don’t forget to give it to Him, your heavenly Daddy. He’s here, with His strong hand out. All. The. Time. He doesn’t want you to fall, but if you do, He’s here to right the wrongs. And ya know what? You are perfect in His eyes, not because of what you do, but because of Who you are in Christ.

Before I forget, here’s something else, you are never, not ever, gonna have the website traffic and popularity as lots of ladies out here. Good night, girl, it’s not about popularity with the masses, it’s about loving God and loving people and sharing Truth. Kudos for doing that. And that book you’re working on? If its God-grande, well, that’s all that matters. If you are feeling discouraged, seek Me and I’ll set ya straight.

Thank you for getting up with your husband at 4am. He loves it when you make his coffee and remind him to take his wallet and keys to work. And the couple hours you spend with Me in morning’s dark, that’s really special. I’ll give you all you need to get through the day. I mean it.

Kind regards,

Love, Love, Love,

Someone you don’t listen to enough

(who loves you beyond measure)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



“For you to be the slave of Jesus Christ

will likely mean a different set of assignments

than those He has given me or someone else.

We must resist the temptation

to compare what He asks of us

with what He may require of others.”


~ Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Surrender. Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2003, 2005




22 thoughts on “Dear Darlene (2 Letters)”

  1. Awesome post, Darlene – and that quote from Nancy Demoss? Right on!!! However, I do believe you’ll have that book finished and it will indeed be published and I want to be one of the first to read it. Please?

    • Miss Patricia,
      That NLD is soooo God-grande good, huh? I reckon be in on it more than you’d like to know. 😉

      Thank you for your encouragement. Right back atcha, ya know?


  2. This post was so, so good. How important it is to replace the doubts, fears and lies we believe with the truth – direct from the Source of Truth Himself. You are remarkable. You are a blessing. You are making a difference. You are shining a light that only your uniquely-designed vessel can shine. Keep it up! 🙂

    • Miss Ruthie,
      How our lives have intertwined since we first met, I never woulda thunk it to happen. But YAY! GOD! And you, you shine so bright. Besides that, now I know an official rat-wrestler.


  3. I just started following you. If I hadn’t I might have missed this amazing post. Sharing it all around cuz I love me some honest girl. And u have got it in spades. And the book? You gonna let a South Carolina girl read it early on. I’d be one stinking happy camper if you’d let me. You refresh my world and keep it so real. You Delight the sox off of me Darlene. These letters sing a little love song to me. Especially the second.:-)

    • Miss Elizabeth,
      Wowzer, what a kind compliment. Like a little chocolate in the comment box. Or a can of black beans, because I’m weird like that and like beans better. Anyway, thank you!


  4. ephale says:

    Oh, friend! Love this. And I feel it, too. Thank you for the reminder (which I soooo needed) and for your heart. I agree, I believe that you’ll get a book out and when you do, it’s going to give Him glory!

  5. lschontos says:

    Oh my Darlene, I could substitute my name for yours for most of these letters. Thank you so much. I read that first letter far too often. As far as I’m concerned your blog is a must read for me and as far as the book goes – I do believe it will be wonderful! You are so very special.

    • Miss Linda,
      You are welcome so much. I don’t say it enough, but you encourage me oodles of noodles. Thank you for the light you shine!


  6. I love how God gives us mentors through book authors. Nancy Leigh DeMoss has ministered to me, too.

    Your letters remind me of C.J. Mahaney’s book Humility: True Greatness in which he quotes D.L. Moody (I think) as saying we can either “talk to ourselves” (like your 2nd letter) or “listen to ourselves” (like your 1st letter). Love to see you talking good stuff to yourself.

    Press on, friend.

    • Indeed, miss Monica, our mentors are God-grande gifts. You are always so good to point out relevant books. How do you do that?

      (You should hear me talk to myself when I’m doing chores… yikes. Maybe not.)


  7. Oh this hit really close to home. The reality I live could hardly be more different than the reality you live, but the insecurities and the doubts are the same. Wish I could say I’ve been won over by the 2nd letter but I’m afraid I’m still pretty stuck on the 1st. Thank you for writing it out this way…

  8. Connie Mace says:

    So much of my mail is in these letters, lady. Each day we have to determine who we’re going to listen to…while encouraging others to listen to The Voice of GOD also.

  9. oh, our God is so good.
    oh, how GOOD He is!!!

    i will be printing this and posting it on my mirror, with my name in place of yours.

    bless you. visiting from emily’s today — what a blessing that i did!

  10. Jody Lee Collins says:

    Darlene–dropping by a little late…this was a very inspired, may I say brilliant, post? Sort of reminds me of C.S. Lewis ‘Screwtape Letters.’ Anyway, here’s to walking in the Spirit and refusing to give our silly flesh the space it always wants.
    God bless you, fellow daughter of the King. 🙂

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