Pudding Pie, Crash Helmets, Thanks & Giving

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If your Thanksgiving table looks anything like mine, it’ll likely have at least one chocolate pudding pie, maybe it’ll be plain & straight up chocolate, or maybe it’ll be covered in fanciful chocolate shavings, or  maybe it’ll be topped with fresh whipped cream. I bet it looks good and tastes even better. But, buckaroos, what if that ornery relative, you know, the one with the comb-over and stinky aftershave, what if he tosses said pie into a big ole fan, what then?


YIKES! The pudding done gone and hit the fan!


Hit the decks. Don your helmets. Gather the kiddies. Soak the linens. Mop the floors. Sit around and wonder what in the wild woolly underwear just happened to your thanks and giving.


The term “fiscal cliff” refers to a combination of massive tax increases—including the expiration of the Bush tax cuts—and deep spending cuts that will gut the defense budget, both of which are set to strike in early January 2013. If the Bush tax cuts and other tax provisions expire, what is known as “Taxmageddon” will go into effect. Americans at all income levels will see their taxes increase, and it will be the largest tax hike in U.S. history. 



I’m not about to open a bag o’ political worms on Thanksgiving day, that’d be in bad taste, but what I am gonna do is ask you to do a little something to help America climb her way outta this economic ravine. Oh, we cannot do much to stop the inane-n-insane, ever-increasing taxation, you’re right about that. And maybe you’re living in denial, sitting in yonder corner with your fingers in your ears singing “lalalalalala,” and/or you’re ignoring the conservative financial pundits because you wanna ginormous flat-screen TV and ain’t nobody gonna tell you nothing to change your mind.


But, sure as shootin’ – you’ve got it in ya. Or at least you’ve got some stuffed in your pocket, tallied in your checkbook, balanced in your bank account, hidden behind your plastic cards, or even stuffed under your mattress. Wherever it is, and whatever the amount, make no mistake, you, my friend, have the power to help America’s economy and help keep us afloat as we teeter on the verge of some impending chocolate pudding dastardly disasters.


Let your money, your moolah, your greenbacks, your hard-earned dollar

do the talking as you do your shopping.


Boys and girls, my family is making an effort to buy products that are American-made — everything from snow boots (which we just bought a pair of today) to sleeping bags (which we’ll be ordering online Friday) to tofu (which I bought and used to make our chocolate pudding pie). I’ve listed some companies below, most of which my family has purchased products from and/or come highly recommended by other American-made conscientious buyers. Sure, it might take you twenty seconds to flip out a tag and find out if said item was made in China or America. It’s twenty seconds well-worth it. Indeedily do, it is true. True blue.


True red, white and blue, actually.


So, please, just take a few minutes and check out these companies. And if you would like to recommend one or two or three of your own American-made companies, please leave a note in the comment section below. I reckon you’ll be surprised at how many items on your shopping list you can find right here in the good ole, United States of America.


Please, make your dollar count — what better thanks and giving can you share?




* All American Clothing Company (high quality clothing & footware)

* Ohio Stoneware Crocks (stoneware & gardenware)

* Lehman’s (they delineate a made in USA section)

* Diamond D Custom Leather  (holsters, gift items, & custom leather work)

* Tervis Tumbler (drinkware & accessories)

* Wiggy’s (outdoor gear)



Made in America Store

* Made in USA Forever

* Americans Working

* Toys Made in America



BTW, I made that nifty poster all by my lonesome. Neato-mosquito, aye? Well, share it, pin it, facebook it, print it, scratch-n-sniff it, whatever, just get the word out to buy AMERICAN-MADE, okay? You have my permission.




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