1,000 Miles of Dust



Whaddaya think? Does this sound like a start to a novel of some sort? Fiction. Non-fiction. Fiction. Non-fiction. Yikers. What’s a girl to do?


glitter dust


Gil had prepared a backpack for Samson six months prior, so when Samson came to him, desperate to flee, all that was left for the old man to do was hand over the bag. And pray.


Samson finally turned from everything, all that he had strived and lied and cheated for. He pulled his baseball cap down, his coat collar up, and gave the driver his bus ticket. Golden girlfriends and star glitter were about to eat a thousand miles of his dust.


Danny flinched when a twig snapped, all that she had cried over and suffered through and buried still chased her. She hung the wet laundry, left the extra clothespins in the grass, and hurried back inside. As she walked, she felt the weight of a pistol through beneath her apron.


Anna mulled over the fragmented bits of Danny’s story, frustrated that she didn’t know more. The old woman ate a fried egg on toast and watched Danny hang out the laundry.


Susie kicked her skinny legs and flung her fists beneath the quilt. The young girl fell to the floor and the bedside lamp shattered next to her head. Scared, she whimpered for her mommy and hot tears ran into her mouth. Both women ran for Susie’s door.




7 thoughts on “1,000 Miles of Dust”

  1. lschontos says:

    It sounds like the beginning of something I’d like to read! I’m so glad you’re writing.
    Thank you for your email. You are the best!!

  2. jodyo70 says:

    Hey! You changed your website. I like the clean look and the snippet of your smile in the photo. And yes, that sounds like the start of a book. What have you got up your sleeve?

    • Indeed, I am having an identity crisis so be forewarned that the layout and color scheme and header are all fixin’ to change at any moment!

      Thanks for stopping by.


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