A Christian Woman’s Stance on Firearms (Part 1: Inanimate Objects)

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I checked the statistic counter/tracker thing on this here site and it appears that my ordinary readership has dropped. I’m not surprised, but I’m a wee bit discouraged that my regular readership has waned. I have not taken a swan dive off the deep end. Actually, right here is the very place where I’ve been for years; but it’s only been in recent weeks that I’ve felt the urge and the need to stand up and speak out.


I value my friends, both offline and online, so that is why I’ve written a 4-part (I think that’s what it’ll end up being) series entitled A Christian Woman’s Stance on Firearms. Now, even if you do not agree with me, at least you will understand where I’m coming from and how I got here. And that, my friends, is important…

– – – – – – –


Throughout history there have been many instances of courageous men and women who step up, put themselves in harms way, and stop a perpetrator from committing, or stop one who is in the act of committing, a heinous a crime against anywhere from one person to a group of people.


A few of these selfless citizens only were armed with love of brother (& a goodly dose of adrenaline), while others were packin’ heat. Both forms of armament are currently legal; and although the latter is more effective, it oftentimes meets the most opposition. Why? Quite simply, the bad guys have used it against the common citizen in unrighteous, heinous acts of horror. And the media and political pundits have taken vice grip holds of those evil perpetrators in order to wield their own agendas.


Especially now, just a short time into the aftermath of the unfathomable sadness and grief caused in Connecticut’s recent violent elementary school attack, there are folks aplenty shouting loud on the anti-gun platform, including the bigwigs back east.


Some blithe folks think that if guns are restricted, banned, void, non-existent, that our country’s evil will vanish too. Poof! Disappear! Be gone!


It is my belief that that sorta mindset is nothing more than fanciful fiction. Automobiles, airplanes, fertilizer, and lots of other inanimate objects unfortunately have been used by immoral persons to commit evil deeds and take innocent lives. Yep, you’re gonna hear it from me too, it’s not the thing that harms, it’s the evil in the heart of the person that doles out destruction.


As a person who lost a classmate (in high school) and a cousin (in college) due to incidents of senseless firearm-related acts, I can understand that sort of knee-jerk reaction and the current political “ban the gun!” mentality. Because of the firearm-related fatalities that impacted my community, my family, and me, for a while I was in the very same boat.


But, I had tunnel vision. Correction: I had inappropriate, incorrect, skewed, off-target  tunnel vision.


I wanted the thing that I thought had caused the deaths to be gone.


And even though I was raised around firearms, during my undergraduate college time and for a couple of years afterward, I avoided every single thing associated guns.



I was wrong.


It’s not bad to be afraid (because a lot o’ crappola goes bump in the day & night); but it is quite erroneous on a human’s part to be frightened of an inert object. If I set a teddy bear, a mirror, and a tube of lipstick on my kitchen counter, I’m not gonna awake in the morning to find tiny red bear kisses smeared all over my mirror. That’s just silly. Some might even say it’s downright ridiculous, ludicrous, nonsense. Then again…


During my law school stint, there were a lot of classes and cases that I found in direct opposition to common sense, but product liability issues were diggity-dog, number one. They topped my charts of head-scratching and eyebrow-raising. The smarts (or lack thereof) and intent of the user/operator must factor into the equation.


In-line skates, craft glue, high-heeled shoes, Twinkies, tequila, motor homes, three-wheelers, egg beaters, and waffle irons are products.


If someone takes an above mentioned item(s) into their hands (or onto their feet, or swigs it down the gullet, as may be the case), they place it under their control … now, that someone is in brainwave and muscular control of said item; they are responsible for what they do with the thing.


A plastic tube didn’t smear hairy brows with glue and cause eyelids indefinitely to be stuck open; the egg beaters didn’t entangle her hair and rip it out by the roots because it plugged itself in and jumped onto a head; the strappy red shoe didn’t break an ankle because it glommed onto a foot in an act of desperation; the motor home didn’t set itself on cruise control, step into the kitchen to make a sandwich, and then wildly careen across the interstate – nope, no sir, no ma’am, the PERSON did it.


And that person, that someone, is responsible for the damage caused by the thing.


Guns lack the ability to up and do destruction on their own. Airplanes and cars and bombs are the same way; they all need a person’s direct involvement to be used for immoral purposes.


People ruled by evil do the devil’s deed and demolish innocence.


And because the nasty ole devil roams and devours right here and right now, even if firearms are tightly restricted, the bad is still gonna happen. Ask Cain what happened to his brother Abel.


That very fact is why I don’t want anyone to take away the most effective tool I can constitutionally and legally use to protect my family and me from those who count us as prey.


He traced a line in the dirt with his toe. “This is a battlefield. Has been since Cain killed Abel. And don’t let it get complicated. Gray it ain’t. It’s black and white. Good versus evil. You might as well choose sides right now. The gun don’t make you right … but … this can help even the odds.”

~ Charles Martin. Thunder and Rain. New York: Hatchette Book Group, 2012.


I’m not saying all Americans should pack; I’m not even saying that I should carry; but, what I am saying is that it has been proven time and again that citizens who legally carry and/or are trained in home defense, are a benefit to society at large.


And as Americans, it is our Constitutional right to own and bear arms, lest anyone should forget.


Did you know that it’d be more legal for our trucks, cars, and motorcycles to be restricted, rather than our firearms? And really, it’d make a whole heck-of-a-lot more positive impact on overall lives saved. Simply Darlene, that’s just plain ole silly thinkin’ – it’s downright ridiculous, ludicrous, and nonsensical. Yep, I agree. But let’s go ahead, check some statistics and mull over the numbers. And I reckon while we’re at it, we could come up with lots more dangerous items to legislate and/or ban… toothpicks, fingernail polish (especially the kind with annoying glitter), bricks, cigarettes, waterbeds, banana peels, and badger holes.


Some blithe folks think that if guns are restricted, banned, void, non-existent, that our country’s evil will vanish too. Poof! Disappear! Be gone!


It is my belief that that sorta mindset is nothing more than fanciful fiction because it’s not the thing that harms, it’s the evil in the heart of the person that doles out destruction.



* If you so desire to lend your voice to this topic, please feel free do so; but, just as I have used a respectful, non-condescending tone, I expect the same from you. My comments are set to author approval so don’t go gettin’ your knickers in a knot thinkin’ you’ve been banished. I do have family & household duties to attend to before I approve everything here. Thank you.



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28 thoughts on “A Christian Woman’s Stance on Firearms (Part 1: Inanimate Objects)”

  1. lschontos says:

    Hey Darlene,
    First of all, I apologize for not being around more. I just sort of stepped back from blogging for a couple of weeks. I’m slowly working my way back, but I really want to be intentional about the way I spend my time on-line. Of course, you are one of the friends I want so much to keep in touch with.
    I agree with you Darlene – every single word. I don’t write about these things, but we talk about them regularly here in our home and with friends. I’ve felt my blog purpose is more ministry, but I am definitely thankful you are courageous enough to take this up.
    I have felt a sort of resignation lately – so discouraged about the way things are going in this country. I’m sure I’ll get back to “normal” soon. Right now I just keep looking up and praying for Jesus to come back soon.
    Hope you had a nice Christmas and New year.

    I appreciate you friend.


    • Miss Linda,

      And I appreciate you, too.

      Thank you for taking time to not only read this, but to comment and offer encouragement. I need it.

      Yes, we each have our writerly niche – well, some of us are more like a fart in a skillet (me), while others have a centralized theme/focus (you).

      Please, contact your legislators this week…


      • Thank you for writing this, Darlene. You know that I agree with you. I may not visit you here on the blog, but I do subscribe in a feeder and never miss any of your posts.

        I read in the news this morning that Sandy Hook Elementary reopened in a different location and it is protected by considerable armed police. The comment was made that it’s the “safest school in the nation” now. Well, duh!!! I’m baffled why normal thinking, law-abiding citizens who want to ban guns can’t see the irony of that.

        I read an article today where a Denny’s restaurant asked an armed police officer to leave her gun in her car while she was in the restaurant because her gun was making one of the patrons nervous. Really? It would make me feel safer.

        I love you, Darlene…and I appreciate you writing this series.

        • Miss Patricia,

          You are welcome. And I appreciate it when you are able to stop by and comment. Like Linda, you encourage me to keep at it… even if I feel some folks have put me on their NutBall list.

          Indeed the irony is so obvious, as are the facts for the safety of well-armed citizens, neighborhoods, cities, countries, etc.


  2. Came over because our mutual friend Miss Patricia recommended your post – I sure see why! Well said. I’ll be back for more. Blessings to you!

    • Miss Melonie,

      I’m glad miss Patricia shared this article link – it’s great to meet new folks. I hope you will add your voice to the conversation.

      And may the good Lord bless you in all you do as well.

  3. I went to the firing range last night with my husband and shot a .22 for the first time in my life. I’ve only ever shot a bb gun… and now I’m taking the CCW class this Saturday. My husband bought me a .38 for Christmas. Only my best friend knew this information, until now. I don’t feel gangbusters proud of this right now. In fact, I feel very apprehensive… given the implications of ever using/needing a gun (however, I realize those same implications are outweighed by those of ever needing one and not having one.)

    All that to say, I’ve agreed to become educated and trained at using my handgun, about gun laws, rights, etc. This, for me equals change in behavior and thought… It isn’t an easy, natural thing for me. I haven’t spent much time ever thinking about gun laws, etc. But, I decided I am going to give myself time and grace. Then, I decided the first thing I should do as a Christian woman with a gun… is to pray over it. So, there’s that. = )

    p.s. I got a whole bunch bulls eyes last night.

    • Miss Patricia-Butterfly Lady!

      Right on, sister! And I mean that literally.

      It’s obvious that your husband loves you enough to want you to be able to protect yourself should the need arise. Take as many classes and lessons and practice as much as you can. And I cannot recommend this book highly enough if you are considering, even just thinking about it and/or wondering why people do carry: “The Cornered Cat: A Woman’s Guide to Concealed Carry” by Kathy Jackson. She has an excellent website with a blog too. AND she is a homeschooling mom and Believer. Her chapter on Christians and Self-Defense was one of the first things I read.

      May the Lord bless and guide you as you undertake this new venture. And may He give you discernment in all areas where you have questions and/or doubts.


    • Miss Harriett,

      How in banana’s blue britches are ya?! It’s been a while. I’m not sure what “word” means, but I’m hoping it’s good. I’m glad to see you here. Hope ya come back for the rest of the series.


  4. Phyl says:

    Oh how I love you and miss you! I read you often, letting my fingers do the trundling. But never have commented…can’t put my thoughts into words on a page. Please stand up and continue to say things that need to be said! Love ya!

    • Phyl,
      Sister, friend, pal of mine – I miss you to the moon and back! I ’bout peed my pants to see a comment from you, and when you mentioned “trundling” I knew for sure and for certain that it was “my” Phyl.

      Hugs to your husband.


  5. Connie says:

    You just got a new follower. Thank you for being willing to speak up about something that is so important and avoided among Christians right now!

    • Miss Christine,
      I will try to get all the links on each part of the series. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.


  6. Thank you for putting this into words. This is exactly how I feel. I got my CCW and began carrying about a year ago. I hope I never have to use my gun, but I am prepared to do so to protect me and my children(and hubby too!!).

  7. B Forrest says:

    This is the first I’ve read of your blog and I enjoyed it very much. More importantly though, I wanted to take a moment to encourage you. Thank you for being courageous, for standing up and putting it out there. I know it’s not easy. People can be incredibly judgmental, critical and opinionated about another person’s beliefs. We each walk our own path though, don’t we? And we only answer to one! 🙂
    Be blessed!

    • B –
      Thank you for coming by and for the encouragement; and you are right, it’s not easy, but a lot of heat fizzles outta the opposition fire if we are respectful, huh? I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind, just give folks a look into mine. (yikes!)

      (And I am blessed as I am a daughter of the King of kings!)

      Blessings back at ya.

  8. A friend posted this site on FaceBook so I had to ‘check you out’. I liked what you had to say. I agree with your point of view on firearms.

    I, too, am a country girl Christian from Texas. Not only did I grow up in a state well known for it’s gun toting folks but my Dad was a gun smith. He taught me very strict gun safety. Along with my moral Christian background I understand the need we have as Americans to defend our right to bare arms.

    I will follow your future postings and look forward to having another kindred soul to stand with. GOD bless!

  9. Hi, I am here from The Cornered Cat. I totally agree with you. It is the person, not the gun, that does the evil. There has been violence as long as there have been people – way before there were guns, let alone semi-automatics. You put it in perspective in plain language. Keep it up!

    I finally had to speak my mind, too. This is what I posted last week. (hope this link works)

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