Tales of Larkin: Hawthorn’s Discovery (review)

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hawthornsdiscoveryTales of Larkin: Hawthorn’s Discovery is the first book in a series written by Alan W. Harris, author and fulltime veterinarian in South Carolina. According to the book jacket, mister Harris wrote about a tribe of one-inch tall people who make their home in the forest because years ago he “was inspired by a three-step waterfall in a small creek.” And upon the conclusion of each chapter, he was urged on by his six children to tell ‘em what happened next.


Some friends lent us both the hardback and audio versions of this story. As a disclaimer, I have not actually read the book. I’ve heard a lot about and seen the physical impact the book has the potential to make. I’ve heard giggling and gasping and hollering. I’ve seen my son’s non-book-holding hand swing about wild-like as he devoured the book. I watched the little fella read so fast that I though his eyeballs would need greasin’ in order to keep up the left-right-left-right rapid scanning. My family listened to the audio book too, so although I didn’t read it per say, I did read it with my ears. Uh-huh. That counts as “reading.”


Anyway, I also witnessed a most disturbing trend in my husband as his curiosity got the better of him. (unlock the mystery below)


My son is nine years old and to say he is a voracious reader is not entirely accurate. He reads like he breathes. All. Day. Long. Except of course when I asked him to participate in this book review… as I asked the tough questions, he swung his legs, he stood up, he reenacted scenes with bodily gyrations, he paced the floor, and he read over my shoulder as I typed his responses (& corrected my misspellings of the Larkin character names).


(Hint: I finally got him to sit still by…oh, forget it, you’ll see how I wrangled a few minutes outta the kiddo if’n ya read the entire interview below.)



“Hawthorn’s Discovery”


1. Did you like the book?



2. How long did it take you to read it?

One and a half days.


3. What did you like most about the book?

Uh, that’s basically impossible to answer.


4. Why?

Because there too many scenes that I liked the best.


5. Who was your favorite character in the book?

Hawthorn. Maybe. No, no, no. Not Hawthorn. There were three that I liked the best. Number one, Hawthorn. Number two, Rush. Number three, Jay.


6. What do you want potential readers of HD to know about the book?

It’s awesome said the opossum.


Uh, okay. What was that?

Well, that’s what I wrote down as my full review of the book. I have the paper in my room.


Let’s get back to the momma interviewing the kiddo, okay


7. Why is Hawthorn your favorite character?

I guess because the book is about him.


8. Why is Rush your next favorite?

Um, well, it’s ‘cause one of his inventions, called a Bonger, is a long rope draping over a tree limb and rocks are attached to each end and he uses them to smash ants.


9. Is there something about the person Rush that is likeable?

He’s crazy.


(insert wild look with eyebrows raised from the interviewing momma)


In a good way. He’s crazy in a good way.


10. What about this Jay fellow?

I like him because, well, because he’s like Rush and because of two of his inventions, the Whoosh-Smack and another one called a Swing-Shooter.

11. What do you think about the story?

I like it a lot.


12. What do you think about the pace of it?

It’s not slow and boring, at all.


13. What age group do you think will like the book?

All age groups, except for little, little kids… because it’s got some scary stuff in there. Too scary for the little kids.


14. Tell us about your dad and books – is he a book reader like you?

No, not like me.


15. What happened when he started the audio version of this book?

He cheated and read ahead farther in the book than where we were at in the audio.


16. Did you finish the audio book as a family?


17. Why not?

Because we listened to it for dad’s sake and he stopped listening and started reading.


(this kiddo and his momma finished listening to it – sans the big daddy-O)


18. Did you do much with your father on those evenings when he was reading it?

Zero, zilch, goose eggs, no, negative.


19. What do you want to tell the author?

Good book!


20. What do you want to ask the author?

How did you get the idea for the boat called Turtle and the fish-catching mechanism on the top of the Maker’s Children Refuge?


* Bonus: Did your interviewer bribe you to sit still and do the interview by offering you an entire pint of ice cream?






Even though the first book was twenty years in the making, he recently has also released Tales of Larkin: Larkin’s Journal.


It is my understanding from covert sources (related by marriage to the family of the author) that mister Harris is the voice for each of the characters in the audio versions. Yikes. How does he do that? Well, what I meant to say is, good night Irene, I’m glad he has the talent to do that. He is also the illustrator for the print versions. The animal-doctor-man has got talent, people!


FYI: The hardback version is 387 pages. It’s a long novel. But according to both my fellas, as evidenced by their read-a-latory actions, it’s a rather quick story once you dare crack open the cover.


Please visit the Tales of Larkin website for more information, ordering options, and to get to know the man, his family, and the book characters a bit more.


Another FYI: After we gave the first book back to our friends, the author got wind of my family’s addiction keen interest in the storyline so mister Harris sent us our very own copy. And ya know me, I ain’t gonna write a single thing to toot someone else’s horn or fluff their feathers unless I think it’s the real deal. That being said, if’n ya fancy a great story, with a biblical parallel, this is it, buckaroos. Buy the version that best suits you, right here


“We are committed to producing resources

which can be used to build outstanding families,

teach godly character,

to aid in applying God’s word in your life

and for spiritual encouragement.”

~ quote taken from the Shop page of Tales of Larkin.

* Thank you kindly, mister Harris, both for the book, and for the opportunity to do this review. May the Lord bless you as you shine His light through the wonderful gift of storytelling!


It’s awesome said the opossum.


14 thoughts on “Tales of Larkin: Hawthorn’s Discovery (review)”

  1. Love it! I was LOL so much. Your son may have the briefest interview responses I’ve ever read. Too fun. Thanks for sharing about these awesome possum books. 😉

    • Miss G – Indeed the little fella does not take after his momma in that regard, aye?! And you are mightily welcome. It’s all your fault after all!


  2. I’m speachless! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouraging comments. I had so much fun reading your review it made me want to read the book again! I love your son’s comments and I’ll give some thought to his questions about the story and try to blog a responce soon. God’s blessings on you and your family.

    • Sir,
      You are very welcome! What a hoot that would be to discover the answer to my son’s question on your site. Fun times have been had by all in regard to your books.


  3. Natalie says:

    This post made me laugh out loud! And as a committed Larkin fan, I have to agree that Rush is the bomb, though Hawthorn and Jay are great too. And as for the book, well, you’re right: It’s awesome said the opossum.

    • Miss Natalie –
      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting! A little reddish G-bird told me that you are a BIG-TIME committed Larkin fan. 😉 So, Rush is the “it” factor, huh? Don’t tell the others.


  4. You make me smile, laugh, sing, happy,sigh… I am always pleased as punch when I leave this here place. You rock. And roll and make me ……glad to know you through blogging.

  5. Sounds like a winner! That’s a glowing endorsement from your boy to say the least :). AND it made me smile.

  6. S. Etole says:

    Sounds like something my grandson would enjoy; I could be bribed with a pint of ice cream!

    • Miss Susie,
      By the time you get the ice cream by USPS, it’ll only be a soggy hunk o’ cardboard. I guess you can savor the flavor by chewing the box. yikes.

      I bet your grandson would really like the book series.


  7. Wow, this sounds like something my daughters would *love*! They adore books about animals, and they love anything that is tiny…tiny people interacting with animals is a dream come true. Heading to Barnes and Noble to request it today!

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