I’ll Tell the Tale (part 1)

A Story, Listening When He Speaks, writing

Okay, I’ve recently been handed a choice, an option, a big ole opportunity, if you will.



I’ve mulled this thing over and chewed until it was barely recognizable. I pulled it inside out, tucked it’s cuffs under, straightened ‘em out, and then I set the whole she-bang aside. I picked it up again and dragged it through the mud so’s that I could sit on the mountaintop with it.


I ignored it; it scuttled slow -n- low, sulked, and then slept in the underbrush.


But as soon as I stood, wiped the debris off my britches, and tromped back toward the house, the thing chased me. I turned, faced it, caught my ragged breath, and decided to give it a go. I reached for it and it skittered off so I hounded it up and down and up and down. Heaven help me, but that blasted, stubborn thing outran me.


And then it hid. I said, “Phooey on this opportunity. It sure nuff ain’t worth all this effort.”


But, God.


His plans are His.


This morning the simplicity of the matter all but bit me on the behind.



I mean, really, I had a “duh, doofus” moment

that very nearly outshone all others.


I cannot, will not, and in no way, shape, or form, nor am I able – to do this thing on my own. He brought me to it, through it, and I reckon if He wants me to tell the story –



it’ll be for His glory, not mine.


My salvation, redemption, and ongoing sanctification are about how & why & when & where God worked out His glory IN me.


What I’m trying to say here, yes sir – yes, ma’am, I. Will. Tell. The. Tale. By the very grace and strength of the Lord God Almighty.


I’m in. Literally.


pmc untold storysdIn.



p.s. Boy-howdy am I ever glad that God doesn’t ever toss me aside, no matter how  wild, wily, wacky, weird, or countrified I am.






11 thoughts on “I’ll Tell the Tale (part 1)”

  1. S. Etole says:

    Well of course you are. You have a God-story to tell. Blessings as you pick up your pen.

  2. lschontos says:

    You know I am with in this. He will supply all that you need – loving you just exactly the way you are.

  3. It’ll be so great to come through your doors and have a listen/read. = )
    You can do it… cause he is in it!! I’m very excited for/with you!!

  4. I’m all ears too! Looks like you’ve got a regular fan club right here. And I’m a fan of the Big Guy too. So it’s all good. Looking forward to hearing you tell the story 🙂

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