The Same Jesus

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As a kid, Easter for me had every single thing to do with: colored, hardboiled eggs; creepy, breakable chocolate bunnies; thousands of green grass cellophane ribbons; and ratty ole baskets woven of wide, plastic, pink ribbons.


As a kid, Easter for me had not one single thing to do with Jesus…


or His death – completed in lieu of my sins.

indent indent  1 Corinthians 15:3 & Ephesians 1:7-14


or His resurrection – as my assurance of God’s mastery

over death’s doom.

indent indent Romans 6:8-11 & Matthew 27:50-53


or His salvation offer – that is a most gracious, merciful,

loving, and eternal gift.

indent indent John 11:25-26 & John 3:16



So, if I don’t leap skyward in yellow-skirted glee whilst wearing fancy shoes and a bobby pinned bonnet and/or if I don’t give my own boy-child a basket brimming with baby animal-shaped candies, it’s simply because me and my house don’t care about the diversions of a Whoopty-do & Let’s shine-on with our fancy dresses/dungarees & Eat copious amounts of candy sorta holiday. Oh yes, indeed, go ahead and boooooo! gasp! finger-wag me and mine.


It’s okay.


Ya wanna know something? We’ve even been called Christian shrews because of what we do and do not do; and to confuse matters even more, this Sunday my son will likely partake in the egg hunt at church — because what good will it do to hold him by  my side, the side of a woman who now knows the difference between a hollow chocolate bunny and the Lamb of sacrifice?


Unlike me at his age, he knows that Easter has every single thing to do with Jesus.




Even though I may not understand why fellow Believers hide ‘n hunt colored eggs and happily chew the heads off of textured, chocolate bunnies or gnaw on neon marshmallow chickies, I do know this to be true:


the same Jesus that

died for me & mine,

died for them,

and He died for you,





3 thoughts on “The Same Jesus”

  1. Amen sister friend. Tell it real. Peace on your family this Sunday as you focus on Jesus. Love reading here. You stretch me, push me, increase me and hold me to account. And for all of that I’m quite grateful.

  2. lschontos says:

    My parents did a sort of combination of those things (as did My husband and I). When I was a little girl, it was all about the frilly new dress and the patent leather shoes waiting by the side of my bed. But now………
    I do love your heart Darlene.

  3. The immediate satisfaction that comes from some of the Easter ‘traditions’ can’t hold a candle to the truth of Easter: Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good; he came to make dead people alive.

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