Zealous Fellas

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In the aftermath of the Oklahoma tornadoes most of us are quick to find, and sometimes even get stuck in, the miry heaps of unimaginable loss, grief, and pain. And for someone like me, an outsider to this sorta up-close devastation, I sorta feel overwhelmed, under-qualified, and/or  just plain ole confused about how to assist those in need.


This Tuesday, just on the heals of Oklahoma’s utter devastation, I was pulling weeds at a local farm with a young lady whom I’d been getting to know over the last few weeks. Anyway, her cell phone beeped-tooted-honked to let her know that she had a message comin’ through. Her older brother had texted her from a few hundred miles away, and across state lines, with some news. She stood up, read the message, gasped aloud, and immediately dialed his number. As she talked, I admit that despite my professional weed-pulling etiquette, I overheard bits of the conversation as I made  my way farther down the row. These are some of the snippets that I heard…


“Matthew, what are you doing?”


“Yes, I’m sure God uses caffeine too.”


“When do you leave?”


“Okay. Love you, bro.”


She hung up, sighed long, and then told me that her brother, a young man whom I’ve met a few times through the farm family, had a whiz-bang-buckaroo! moment earlier that morning. Apparently, both a jolting cuppa caffeine and a convicting Holy Spirit were involved in this plan. Indeed, chaotic events such as this always demand fervent prayer, just as I had been praying in the weeds that morning; but, in addition to bowed heads and surrendered hearts, we also need to be ready for the very times when God desires for us to put our Jesus skin on and drive His love cross-country in a caravan of pick-ups ‘n trailers loaded with supplies and zealous young fellas.


So, as the day wore on, mister Matthew rallied the church and troops, including another young man, Caleb, (his 15-year old cousin), whom I had worked side-by-side with last summer. By the end of the day it was decided that they would load ’em up, drive on out, and shine a bit of God’s light onto this here fallen earth.


Once their feet hit Oklahoma soil sometime this Sunday, I reckon all those young men will lace their boots, pull on their leather gloves, and help strangers dig through the dirty debris of despair. I betcha that as these zealous fellas work themselves beyond exhaustion each day, they also will shine His light into the dark places of devastation.


Walkin’ the talk.

Livin’ the Truth.

Bringin’ the Word to life.


In the right here. In the right now.

.SD W dirty legs

I dare ya to look around your community, either in your real life arenas, or out here in CyberLand, and I am sure you also will find such people, but if’n ya don’t and you need to know specific names to offer up in prayer, and/or if you want to donate money, but don’t know where or how to do so, I know a couple o’ fellas that could use your support.



For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, 

teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts,

we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age, 

looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing

of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave Himself

for us, that He might redeem us from every lawless deed

and purify for Himself His own special people,

zealous for good works.


Here is the church’s link so you can donate financially.


Here is a television interview… mister Matthew is the apparent bald-headed fella near the end of the clip.


* I hope to do a follow-up story (or two) with interviews of these two young men, but until then, I thank you kindly to add them to your prayers. And I humbly hat-tip ‘n head-nod ya if you are able to financially contribute to their trip.


Buckaroos, now you’ve got no reason to feel overwhelmed, under-qualified, or at a loss of how to give…




6 thoughts on “Zealous Fellas”

  1. I reckon this is where I type ” I love you, sister”…you shine bright. But maybe more than that you make me laugh my back side clear off and that is a good thing. Believe you me. 🙂

    • I’m not a very good “shiner” miss Elizabeth, but I’m an okay reporter.

      Thank you for your encouraging words.


  2. And this is where I would be crying because those guys are my guys and I’m thankful for their zealous spirit and your encouraging words…

    • Miss G – As I’ve told you before, your little brother is the hardest working, most respectful, well-educated fella of his age that I’ve ever met. And I’ve always wanted to be part of a big family – I reckon that’s why you all can’t seem to shake me loose.

      I’m sure your guys are gonna come back men changed for God’s glory.


  3. Thank you for this, Darlene. Yeah, I’ve been stuck. Praying for these zealous fellas.

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