Camera + Coffee + Wheels = Mini-Roadtrip

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One Saturday morn’

my boys went fishing –

and left me

(& the pup)




God’s day was bright

warm & clear –

I loaded the dog

and my camera


As we drove by fresh

mown fields –

to town we went.

coffeeShop outter

I took the above collage image

and the

doors and windows shots

just below


as I stood in one spot

on the same

block –

I only altered the direction

that my lens would go.


Next, I got me a small cuppa

boring brewed coffee

(with a 1/2 pump of chocolate

just to keep up

with the caffeine-trendy).


I drove 3 blocks

south –

and in the church parking

lot, I got out


and dropped

to my knees –

to snap the steeple straight ahead

& a barn, just off to my right.

Sunshine reflected

off of both church and



Westward I drove –

and paused for these flags



atop our local VFW hall.


Windows rolled down

hillbilly country song on the radio

hair blown wild –

the pup and I

head for the countryside.

Yes, out of the rig I got –

to lay myself on the road

because I liked the way

 the stripes led down –

or is it up?


 I caught all manner of old farms ‘n barns


and hay grass.

farms mirrorSD

Pause a bit

and give the scenes a chance

to tell their stories –


or  forward glance.


Homeward ho!

Up more dirt roads

I go



along railroad ties

set deep

for boundary fences.


Barbed ‘n weathered

yet still




I back my rig into it’s spot.

Coffee is only a sticky

chocolate drip –

left inside the travel cup.

Dog is peeing in the brush

and I’m back






Do tell, which image(s) is your fav? Mine? The brick wall with boarded windows/doors and the railroad tie/barb wire fence shots. No, wait, the yellow road lines.

Really, who  can pick just one?




5 thoughts on “Camera + Coffee + Wheels = Mini-Roadtrip”

  1. S. Etole says:

    I’m partial to the second collage, especially the image on the right. But they all make me wish I could get out and hit the road. Fun series and dialogue.

  2. I like pic number 2, the brick wall, and the old homestead. All of them actually, but those are my favs. We hit the road a couple nights ago and I got some fun pics, just haven’t had time to get them in the ole computer yet. Thanks for sharing. We need to do a day of this together, soon!! I think we would have a amazing time snapping away!

  3. Donna Steffensen says:

    I liked the pictojourney, Darlene. Reminds me of country, family, and freedom!

  4. mchristineweber says:

    The barn pic definitely makes my heart all swoony. So simple. So beautiful. Love it. :0)

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