Swords and Such

Listening When He Speaks, Photo Story


This poem was inspired by the introduction chapter in Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s book Surrender: The Heart God Controls (a Revive Our Hearts Trilogy book; 2003, 2005) where she writes:


On March 10, 1974, almost thirty years after the end of World War II,

Lt. Hiroo Onoda finally handed over his rusty sword

and became the last Japanese soldier to surrender.”




Friends, what does surrender look like for you?




4 thoughts on “Swords and Such”

  1. I remember hearing about the Japanese soldier. What is life like when you hold on to the battle for so long, refusing to surrender? Love the poem.

    • I hadn’t heart the story about that soldier until I read NLD’s book… amazing, isn’t it? Thirty years.

      Thankfully we have access to surrendering all our woes to the King of kings today!


  2. Beautiful poem! We often fight on but the battle is His and only He can bring us victory.

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