Lifejacket, check.

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I was on a jet-boat this weekend with my boys and some visiting family. I cannot explain the feeling of freedom whilst we raced across the water or floated on it’s surface, with the bottom lurking below at a depth of 116 feet.8980sd







comes close enough.


Before we headed out to the river, we packed coolers with food and drinks, canvass bags with towels and sunscreen, and hearts with anticipation. And of course we also dressed for summertime success. Here’s a sneak-peek at my attire:

Swimsuit, check.

Not stunning, but it’s practical & covering.


Ponytail, check.

Windblown, but workable.


Sun hat, check.

Tattered, but a shade-maker.


Sunglasses, check.

Scratched, but functional.


Lifejacket, check.

Bulky, but life-preserving.


Hmmm, I see a lot of  SimplyDarlene adjectives in that lineup: not stunning, windblown, tattered, scratched, & bulky. But I also see a lot of God in that list: practical & covering, workable, shade-maker, functional, & life-preserving.


I reckon it’s where your focal point that really matters, aye?




I’m taking me a self-induced summertime internet break. My main readers, you know who you are, all three of you, already have stepped away from the internet to tend to personal and family matters; I reckon it’s time I do the same.



 8967sdI need me a handful (or two) of what He’s got.







13 thoughts on “Lifejacket, check.”

  1. rickd3352013 says:

    Well, since I subscribe by RSS and haven’t commented before, I reckon that makes me at least the fourth reader here. 🙂 Good stuff – it’ll go up on this Saturday’s list 🙂

      • rickd3352013 says:

        Aye, that you have, lass 🙂

        Perchance ye might taketh thine hind parts off to me own blog ( for a wee bit ‘o coffee and sit on the list from this past weekend – your post here is going on the next edition 🙂

        Blessings to you as well, and enjoy the summer 🙂

  2. Hi Darlene! I came over from Mindy’s blog page.

    I hope you will have a wonderful summer rest. Maybe some more time on that jet-boat??

    Nice to have met you 🙂

    • Nice to meet you too.

      And a sad no to future jet-boat trips this summer… it was my father in law’s and he’s taken it back home with him after the visit. But swimming shall be had!


  3. Taking a minute while my “patient” is sleeping to visit. This is absolutely terrific Darlene. I love every bit of it – so clean and neat. Love the header and the way the post slides over it. Great job!!

    • Thank you miss Linda!

      I like that nifty site slider upper bit too. <— that's real techno talk right there


  4. I love it! Says a lot more than practical and covering to me :). And…I’ve been sparse though not on official break and have missed your adjectives. Love to you, darlene.

    • If we fancied the practical and covering bits as much as we should, the rest would be mere fluff, aye?

      As for my adjectives, they’ve missed you, miss Laura.


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