CountryGirl Wisdom: 2

For Fun

As we approach the anticipated season finale of the Outdoor Laundry Line, it’s important to keep this in mind:


Pin all undergarments on the outermost edges of your intricate strung line system.

socks lin

Secure your husband’s whitey-tighteys (and your son’s red rimmed Spidey underwear) so that the saggy parts all face your neighbors and/or the street.


Now, clip a row of towels or sheets on your side of the lines because it makes for an excellent underwear backdrop — sorta like curtains on a performing arts stage.


‘Cause let’s face it, you and I don’t wanna look at flappin’ unders all day.



31 Daze of CountryGirl Wisdom:








6 thoughts on “CountryGirl Wisdom: 2”

  1. Ruthie says:

    Thanks for the “wisdom” and the laugh! 😉 I probably already mentioned sometime back that although we do dry on an outdoor clothesline here, it is considered culturally “improper” to hang your undies out, so I am always hanging mine on a makeshift line in my room. 😉 Lookin’ forward to more wisdom this month. 😉

    • You are most welcome, miss Ruthie.

      And you know that my FAV image of yours from Uganda is the laundry line one, right?


  2. lschontos says:

    Ah the art of the clothesline. My Mom used to hsve one and I loved to hang out the wash. Smelled so fresh:)
    A swird drill is really a Bible drill. The teacher called out a verse and we kids ttied to be the first to find it. You would stand up and read the verse. It was prettty cut-throat!

    • Art of the clothesline <– I like that!

      Thank you for clarifying the "sword drill" for me miss Linda! Maybe I'll even use this in my homeschool bible study lessons.


  3. Enjoying your words of wisdom in this series. My mother used to dry the clothes on the line. Are your little kitty cats still climbing the poles?

    • Our kittens indeed are climbing the poles and the wood pile and my leg, but at least they are catching mice. Oh, and a bird. That was rather gross once the dog took it from the duo ’cause he rolled in it. Now the dog needs to be washed and put on the line. 😉

      I’m so glad you stopped by, miss Susie!


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