CountryGirl Wisdom: 8-9-10-11

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For Fun

I reckon I’ve done gone and fell off the webTastci BlogLand wagon known out here in cyberspace as “31 Days”. My bad.

Alrighty then, all of this 31 Days hoopla is supposed to occur in a neat and tidy row; row after row — something like one finds on a calendar page. But, as you can see, it ain’t happenin’ like that. Buckaroos, what I’ve got to offer is 31 Daze in any ole way, shape, or form. Take it or leave it.

I know that some of ya are hangin’ on only by a frayed thread, so without further ado, here is my next combo unit of 31 Daze of CountryGirl Wisdom:


8. Use it up.


9. Wear it out.


10. Make do.


11. Do without.


Simple is as simple does.


For more CG wisdom, you may click-clack below:









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