CountryGirl Wisdom: 12-13-14-15

For Fun

Yeah, so what; here I am again posting several daze all at once – instead of the 1 per day route as set forth by the 31 Days blogging series. Go on and call the BlogLand Barneys and take away my keyboard.

Or don’t.

Either way, here’s the latest installment of 31 Daze of CountryGirl Wisdom, brought to you in both word and photographic format, by miss SmartyPants (aka SimplyDarlene).


Do the best you can


with what you have


while you are able.


Now wait a wild, wooly moment, that’s just three. One. Two. Three.

Here’s one more; the fourth for the road:


Don’t let your mustache get in the way

of somethin’ S’more.





For more on this series, click-clack below and since I can’t remember the topic of each, they are plain ole numerals. Go figure. (<– iThink that’s funny. Sorry and you’re welcome.)










3 thoughts on “CountryGirl Wisdom: 12-13-14-15”

  1. chrystal says:

    Hi Darlene,
    You never stop making me smile. Came in to work today feeling sorry for myself, you know those pitty parties. But opened up your email. Thanks for being there
    love you!!

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