CountryGirl Wisdom: 16 & 17

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For Fun

I got nothin’ for 16.  Just use your imagination and come up with something your own self – alrighty?


What about seventeen? Hold onto your bloomers, buckaroos! Yes, indeedily, I’ve got that bit o’ 31 DaZe of CountryGirl Wisdom:





Okay, okay, I just bedazzled myself with something spectacular for number sixteen of this series. I know, right? Bedazzle. Bedazzle. <– That’s a word not used enough in today’s chatter, especially with your tough, country girl types. Gah. For good reason.



Always, and I mean always, wear a dishtowel beneath your pumpkin hat so your momma will admire your smart use of winter squash and (hopefully) will forget about the orange stringy, gloppy, seedy mess spread about the kitchen. And the living room. Good luck with that.



Country Girl Wisdom Daze gone by:











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