CountryGirl Wisdom: 18-22

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For Fun

I’m a (rebel) participant in the BlogLand 31 Days series.

It’s supposed to be a daily sorta deal, but unashamedly & admittedly, there’s no way in Harry’s wild wool underwear that I have the time (nor the inclination) to post this sorta stuff alongside every sunrise for an entire month. Get out! Be gone! I ain’t gonna do it and you can’t make me. Oh, buckaroos, you can try, but you shall fail. .


Without further delay, here is my 18-22 DaZe of CountryGirl Wisdom:


18. When ya face the big, scary, really green, wild wildWoods

and you’re not sure just what to do –


19. hitch up your britches, pull your boots on tight, get a rope,


20. and aim for the moon.


21. In case ya miss, go back inside

to eat cake –

with a spoon.


22. For your health (and your momma’s sanity),

just remember that the soap is under the sink

and you best be washin’ your own dishes.



For the entire foot-stomping, breath-taking series on CountryGirl wisdom:












One thought on “CountryGirl Wisdom: 18-22”

  1. You’re kidding! You’re a rebel? Oh girl – I love you sweet little ole rebel heart. Thanks for the wisdom. I’m fixin’ to try to lasso that moon. A day to write (and of course I’m putting it off by reading blogs!),

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