But you, Veteran.

Love God Love People, Love People, Ugly-Beauty

“Thank you” seems like a small thing to say

when you’ve

sacrificed night and day for the likes

of me

and mine.


After all, I say it to the man who holds

the door at the store,

I say it to my kid when the table

is cleared, I say it to the waitress

at the diner when my coffee she refills…



But you,


friend and stranger alike,

your mind, your heart,

your hands –

were readied,


made military strong

to hold the line

in the nitty,

gritty grime of war.


When I see you I wonder if you feel

that you’ve given

much more than you ever wanted –

especially when your service

haunts you


and you think it’s way more than your family

bargained for.


Veteran, you need to know

without a wink, nod

or doubt

that even though I lack the proper

military lingo, and my

verbal appreciation falls way,

way too short, I hold

you in esteem,

in honor,

in praise,

in thanks –

Freednot only for what you’ve

done, but for



are today –

wounds, battle-scars

and all.


Soft places

of my heart

swell with pride

in what’s been



“Thank you” seems like a small thing to say

but I’ll do it

anyway –

thank you

thank you

thank you.


When your name passes

my lips it’s usually

a whisper, a plea,

a prayer –

because only the good Lord

above will comfort

you with immeasurable


and strengthen you beyond

your dreams.


Thank you



your humble



Mister T – in thoughts of you.




2 thoughts on “But you, Veteran.”

  1. This is perfect Darlene. It was so sweet today to listen as the kids and grandkids called to thank Papa and Great-Grandpa for their service. Thank you, from a true heart, means so much.

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