3R Ribbon

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A Story, Love God

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


This wee bit o’ green-ie methodology sure as shootin’ works with lots o’ things… from clothes to sandwich containers to magazines to trash. This year, I even abided by the 3R’s as I created new Christmas cards from previously-recieved ones — reduce. I cut and arranged and glued and pressed hard until new cards were made — reuse. I extrapolated words, colorations, and images from three to six different cards in a mismatch, mix-n-match glue stick hoopla festival. After the new greetings were finished, I inked messages, slipped ’em into envelopes, and sent ’em on their merry little ways — recycle. ‘Cause I’m cheap like that. Err, ’cause I’m creative like that.




Something struck me this year as I worked tedious and long. When a friend, who sat near me at the dining room table, asked why I sniffed the orange-colored glue stick as I took it outta the wrapper, I told her that I thought it strange that these new fangled orange sticks do not smell like oranges… wait a minute, even though that’s what stuck me, it’s not quite what struck me.


Okay,  seriously, what is it about the 3R’s, miss Darlene? I got things to do.



There ain’t any single person or thing that can ever reduce God’s love for His kids — no event or celebrity or small talk or potty mouth. Rather, when He made tiny His size and came down to muck-n-mire, He actually-factually made ginormous His eternal love for us.




His mercy is new every morning. Every. Morning. As His beloved kiddos, the love we get is NO hodgepodge, ragtag pot o’ goopy goulash. No sir. No ma’am. What we get is a brand, spa kin’ new, squealing with delight – sorta love. Rather like a nekid Babe in a manger, aye?





Each time He looks upon us as we flit and flop and flounder about on this third rock from the sun, our Father in Heaven sees only gleaming, pure, beautiful treasures. And ya wanna know something? He sees way beyond our wrinkled, stained, cut, pierced, thick, thin, flabbified, toned, whiskered, bewildered, confounded, enlightened, and/or confused selves. His recycle program is of the non-discriminating variety. Fact is, it’s the only one of its kind.



Merry Christmas, buckaroos! May you and yours not only rejoice in the gift of baby Jesus, but in your choice to accept that gift with open hands and willing hearts.


cards3sdIt’s a two-way gift with a 3R ribbon!







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