Elle & Willard

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A Story, For Fun, Photo Story, Poetry

An intriguing image. A new poetry prompt. Obviously the two were made for each other… Write a night poem that makes a promise, to yourself or to someone else. Give us images that will bring the promise alive: a red velvet ribbon, a white cup, a pickup truck.  

What we’ve got here buckaroos is a case of a Double “P” Whammy:




Elle dear, where are

my trousers? My socks,

have they been darned?

My coffee, is it hot and swirled

with cream ‘n two spoons o’ sugar? My thermos,

is it filled with broth? Beef or chicken?


Willard dear, where are

my sprigs of rosemary and dill? My yard,

 have the weeds been yanked? Earth

upturned by tractor? Raked as

evidenced by blistered hands? My dirt,

is it ready for seed? Veggies or fruit?



Elle dear, don’t be silly –

it’s nigh upon daylight,

and go I must

because the dawn bus, it sure don’t wait.


Willard dear, don’t be a ninny –

it’s nigh upon spring,

and grow I must

because your soup, it sure don’t taste great.




Thanks Bill V. for letting me use your photo.

For more of his fantabulous images, please go here.




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