Spank the Old Year on the Bottom

Listening When He Speaks, Love God Love People

Write out resolutions?

Nah. I’d lose the paper.


Choose a focus word for the year?

Nope. That don’t work for me.


Start a new routine?

No sir – No ma’am. I don’t fancy change.


Listen to a thigh-slappin’, belt-your-voice-like-you-can-sing sorta song?

Yes indeedily-do, buckaroos! This is my style. It gets into the bones. The blood. And the heart pumps it all. day. long.






* By the way, winds of change are rustling the woods around here — everything from design to topics to attitude. Heya buckaroos, spank the old year on the bottom and kick-start the new one with a hoot ‘n holler.  Yeehaaw! ‘Cause the Lord God, He’s got it all!



May the opportunities of this new year

rattle ya to the core – 

as you run wild after Him.






3 thoughts on “Spank the Old Year on the Bottom”

  1. You are a gem…a country gem…love your blog…love, love, love the singing…going to youtube for more of it. Will be back.

  2. Floyd says:

    What a great song! I’m with you on all the typical new year rituals. Change comes from the inside and external props can help, but they can’t match the Power of Who lives within us.

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