Winter. Time.

A Story, country life, For Fun

It’s 7am and still dark outside. Winter. Time.


If this were a summer morn, I’d make heavy the clothesline, whilst I breathed deep of the damp sheets and hot forest floor pine needles. But, since it’s January’s first Monday, I’m here, stocking cap on – yes, inside. Winter. Time.


I wait for the big, black, Amish-made wood cookstove to heat the house. I’ve been waiting since 5 o’clock. Winter. Time.

5 o’clock is later than 4:30 – see how cold induces a wee bit more slumber? Winter. Time.



Our smidgeon of snow defied night’s blackness as my husband rumbled Dodge down the gravel. I watched and waved him along on his merry Monday way. The oldest kitten cat is a wee bit of a nut job, because, like a spastic dog she runs to a person’s side; so, I spied her from within the garage room (which isn’t a place for trucks or cars – even though it has a big, white garage door – but it’s actually a spare room with cots, blankets, headlamps, snowboards, punching bag apparatus, canning supplies, leather and wood-working kits). Anyway, I hid behind a wide windowpane and watched her trundle across the drive as a nasty ‘lil mouse ran amuck. It’s black grossness scurried on pure snow. How could thee?! Oldest kitten cat sat aloof, but I knew that deep down she dared it to go. Go-go-go! She looked up and batted bored eyelashes right at me. Little fur ball knew I was there all along. And then she sprung, sudden-like and wild, upon the icky rodent. I turned. Smiled. And finally took off my stocking cap. Winter. Time.








11 thoughts on “Winter. Time.”

  1. Floyd says:

    Brrrr! I felt like I was there visiting the winter! I often wonder if I’m not missing out on something by living in a place where we never slow down, it’s warp speed always. I appreciate the reflection, it’s got me pondering. Awesome picture to make me chilly even when I’m not… That’s hard to do.

    • Sir Floyd – I reckon slowing down and taking note of the small stuff doesn’t just happen in the country. In fact, seems like I recently read about a family that lights a dinner candle each night. That’s good stuff.


  2. Good descriptive writing. As I write my husband is talking to our daughter who lives in northern Mn. where the too are confined to not much activity because of the cold. We are enjoying warm 70th in southern California. My simple thoughts…enjoy what ever weather there is since God is creator of it all.

    • Thank you for the kudos, miss Betty. It’s hard to imagine such crazy temps – with the windchill, 100 degrees could be the difference between you and your daughter, aye? Yikes!


    • Miss Susie – this voice is a result of one of those morning free-write papers. Thank you for reading and commenting – as always!


  3. Isn’t that just like a cat? This is captivating Darlene. You’ve brought me right into your little part of the world. Brrr!!!!

    • Miss Linda – yes ma’am, cats are wa-eird little creatures. I’m always glad to welcome you into my home, my heart.


  4. Micah says:

    Words like music… I love this! Made me feel chilly though 😉

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