It’s Poetry At Work Day, dude.

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In honor of Poetry at Work Day


Last night I asked my chemical/environmental engineering husband if he was prepared for Tuesday’s workday. He squinched (<–new word) up his face and grunted a bit. I took it as a “no” and being the smart woman that I am, I also took it as an open door for further discussion. I quick-like explained that for the betterment of his productivity, the easing of his sanity, and the stability of his workplace, he really outta take a poem and read it at work. A loud. And in the morning meeting.

(Yes, indeedily-do, that fantabulous idea of mine earned the grunt of all grunts.)


I have contractors at the mill all day.


So. Don’t you start off with a meeting?




Then read a poem. Here ya go. You can pick one from this book or I can pick one for ya. Or you could always write one of your own.

(I’m not even gonna tell ya what sorta noise he made right there. Use your imagination.)


Ohhhhkaaaay. Um. No. And this is why:

roses are red

violets are blue

i can’t handle poetry



Ewww. Alrighty then. Stick to crunching numbers, dude.



To those who care about all things poetical… for the last few school days, my son, and two other co-op home educated kiddos, have listened as I read ’em poetry. Initially, they hunched over and tried to hide their sour lime wedge faces. Like any good teach, I ignored ’em and carried on with the lesson. All the sudden, they unfurled and uncurled and came to life. They raised their collective eyebrows whilst I stomped out words with harsh tones. They giggled as I soprano -ed other words with ‘lil accent slants. It only took a couple of verses before they realized all things poetical do not rhyme; all things poetical are not written by elderly ladies; all things poetical are not isolated to dainty, ivy-laced teacup topics.


Next, I introduced them to a poetical form that is somewhat measurable, achievable, and attainable — tada! the svelte haiku. In three days time, each student has combined: literature &Poetry for a Heidi Haiku; history &Poetry for an America’s Revolutionary War Haiku; seasons &Poetry for a Wintertime Haiku; mystery &Poetry for a Secret Topic Haiku.


We scatter pens and pencils all over the table as we talk and discuss and share and compare.


(Hmmm. I wonder what my husband and the contractors did in their meeting earlier today? Talk. Discuss. Share. Compare. Could it be true? Perhaps they partook in poetry at the workplace today.)


– the workplace manifests poetry
in all of its aspects, forms, organizations,
hierarchies, and activities,

– the people who work in the workplace,
the people who make the workplace what it is,
have poetry spoken and unspoken within them,

– poetry often articulates
our deepest desires, including the work
we are called to do

Including the work we are called to do… my friend, sir Glynn Young, wrote that about poetry in the workplace. And dude, he’s a dude – not an old lady who rhymes ink on parchment ’bout cats and hats and dirty door mats. He’s also written an entire book about today’s topic. Buy his book. Read it. Maybe, just maybe, you will discover your inner poet.


Here is my contribution to the TweetSpeak Poetry directive to find the poetry in your work. poetryCol2




15 thoughts on “It’s Poetry At Work Day, dude.”

  1. This is really interesting. I have a literary blog, so I’m always interested in how people react to poetry and how they are inspired to write it. Great post!

    • Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting ma’am — it’s always great to “meet” new people out here in CyberLand. As you can see, how we react in my household varies as wide as the horizon!


  2. Darlene, your photo/poster/poem was brilliant. And, the photo of the young dude with the Poetry at Work poster–perfect. Hasn’t Glynn (and all those other Tweetspeak folks) started a wonderful thing?
    Great post.

    • Ah, miss Jody, thank you! It was fun. My kiddo no longer tolerates being the subject for my photos, but thankfully he agreed to a no-face image. 😉

      Indeed, the TS folks have started many a wonderful thing.


  3. Darlene – thank you! (And tell your husband he can now tell his work colleagues that he has written a poem in free verse.)

  4. I think I need to send this to my engineer husband. I asked him to participate in Poetry at Work Day, and he sent me a picture. Methinks I’ll go over and post on the Facebook.

    • Well miss Nancy, a picture is generally better than a poke in the eye.

      Maybe the fellers can start an UNpoetry club whilst they sit around in their chicken costumes. 😉


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  6. Darlene, I did Haiku with my after-school kids. They drew pictures and we did 5,7,5 lines and they chose and put them together. We then posted them at Family Night Out, a parent and community dinner/activity night, and it was a big hit!

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