country life

I haven’t been online much these last few daZe because we have a new member of the family. She’s a young gal who snores and jabbers in her sleep. She also goes to the pot several times a night. Outside. Since she cannot reach the doorknob, I take her out in all my bleary-eyed glory and beg her to “go potty go potty go potty pleeeeeeeeease.” It’s been negatory 20 degrees at night so she’s learnin’ to get ‘er done right quick.



She’s cute, huh? Part black lab, part blue heeler. Sounds like a bruise all black and blue. We got her Saturday afternoon at the local animal sanctuary. Ends up she has a case of kennel cough so she needs a little extra TLC… and some raw honey a few times a day. It’s almost cleared up now. Anyway, I’m sleep-deprived. I have no idea about my grammatical correctness today — and frankly buckaroos — I don’t give a hippy-hippy shake. Did I tell ya that she’s mine? Oh yeah, momma’s got a doggie. And little miss Remmie-the-pup knows it too. She hides behind my legs when things go bump in the day or night. She lays her head across my neck and breathes that lovely puppy breath in my face. Shhhh… don’t tell the boys I hold her on my lap when the rest of the house is sleeping. Who can resist such cuteness? Not me. No sir, no ma’am.


I hope things are good at your end of blinking cursor.




8 thoughts on “PuppyLove”

  1. S. Etole says:

    Her collar is eye catching. Nothing much sweeter than puppy love.

  2. Floyd says:

    She’s cute. Labs are great dogs. Makes me think of one I had named Sadie… Good for you.

    • Thanks sir Floyd, she is a doll. Hopefully the blue heeler in her keeps her smaller than our current lab combo unit who is weighs in around 80 pounds. He’s mixed with a Blood Hound! Anyway, we need some puppyLove around here 😉


  3. Aww. Nothing, I mean, nothing makes me happier than reading about GOOD people adopting animals. My heart’s always full for a kitty or a puppy — and that’s not all the animals I have fallen for —
    I’ve been a little MIA. I changed around some stuff on my computer and lost all my favorite blogs. I had to search in my comments box for your name, so I could find you again. Now, I won’t lose you. I’m making you a tile on my desktop. And that, cowgirl, is a special place….

    Hugs. Happy Puppy Time.
    I didn’t tell Tallulah that a friend of mine adopted a dog cause she doesn’t get it. 🙂

    • Miss Harriett! It’s always such a blessing to find you here. You can tell Tallulah that we have 3 females of the feline variety too. As of now, the cats outnumber the dogs. That worries me. 😉


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