Our Scattered Matters

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We’ve moved a lot in the last few years and some of it has been crapTastic — like the first place on our relocation saga that we spitefully referred to as the Cat Pee House. Ick. In three years we lived in two rentals and three owned homes.


When I drive all about the countryside to get a glimpse of my home and I turn the zoom lens opposite, I cannot capture contours of what makes blue metal an actual-factual home.


Home has always been the people & the woods & the pastures & the meal table & the place where we hang our clothes – all the things that make us feel whole.




has a lot to do with where we hang our clothes –




 on our bods, dangled from waist

zipped at the hip

buttoned up




Home has a lot to do with where we’ve left-



of hearts

along the




our scattered matters.




* An Ode to Home sponsored by

the fine folks at TweetSpeak Poetry

by means of a recent Photo Play prompt.



4 thoughts on “Our Scattered Matters”

  1. lschontos says:

    Home is something we carry around in our hearts. Sometimes, I think, it is a person. This was really good Darlene.

    • I agree, Linda — and I think it’s tinged with a bit of longing, even if the thing or the person is right next to us. God made us to want for Him in that space.


  2. Floyd says:

    I’ve done my share of moving in the past, but mostly because of my decisions and desires… still not easy. To pick up our bed and move it somewhere new is a stressful scenario no matter how many times you’ve done it. I’ve found that when my wife felt at home, the kids did too. I once thought that it was the house… then again I am usually wrong the first time around.

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