Poetry at Work – a review

book review, Poetry

“And poetry can be found in any an all work—not just poetry added on or brought in from the outside, but intrinsically present, waiting for us to realize it, see it, hear it, read it, and write it.” (p. 121, conclusion)


Poetry at Work is not a how-to-write manual aimed at fanciful cubicle words or pretty office place prose; but rather it is a keenly insightful book that shows the reader that “poetry has always been at work.” (p. 17, introduction)


Hmm. As I read this book I often wondered about the author‘s intended meaning for “at work” because we all know that “work” as a noun takes on an entirely different dimension than “work” as a verb. Either way, the poetry component is the same –

because it’s


for each

of us.


Sir Glynn Young‘s recent book, Poetry at Work is part professional memoir regarding the author’s workplace vantage points on:



and beauty, clear

communication versus chaos

and confusion. Heart strings, office gossip,

achievers, movers, shakers, doers and pleasers.


And it is part gentle guidebook that addresses the:


Nitty-gritty of everything from interviews to

power point presentations to commutes,

both long and short, to white

flags and pink



In each chapter, Young not only gives readers specific glimpses into his varied workplace scenarios, but he also includes a featured poet whose style and words dovetail the author’s chosen topic.


Through this book, I, a simple country gal, (who has been, among other things, a waitress, a sales clerk, a secretary, a teacher, a farmhand, a hostess, a housekeeper, a photographer, a writer, a wife, and a mother) have learned that the work I’ve done, and that which I’ve yet to do (whether paid or not), only defines who I am when I find beauty in it.


Poetry at Work Buy Poetry at Work. Read it. Repeat.



Pssst, this terrifical author is featured in my Pickin’ An Author’s Knows series.



Plus, he’s already written and released two novels:

Dancing Priest

A Light Shining.





3 thoughts on “Poetry at Work – a review”

  1. S. Etole says:

    Sounds like another “need to read” book. I certainly enjoyed his first two.

  2. Floyd says:

    Been meaning to get Glenn’s work… Now I got one! Thanks, Darlene… and Glenn!

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