Warrior – CountryGirl Style

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I oscillate between showing the soft side and the gritty bit of country living — between showing who others expect me to be and who I am in the deep-downs where my very soul lives — between showing strength of self and my reliance on God.

And then there’s the whole woman aspect: I am more than the soup I make, the sick I tend to, the dishes I wash, and the people I please. Sure, those things help define my heart, and as a Christian gal, seeking (and following) God’s will, direction, and purpose is my utmost calling; but, lest anyone try to hammer me into a smooth hole, beware for I have unique edges.


As a woman child of God, I am a warrior of and for Him.

I may be physically weaker, but I am capable of untold strength.

Through Eve, I may have been the last bit of creation God made, but I am the finishing touch.


As I’ve studied women of the bible, these words ring true about their character: courageous, creative, strong, valiant, beautiful, passionate, powerful, needed, irreplaceable, unrelenting, cunning, good, and brave.

With that, I give you a 3-phase haiku:


warrior woman

treads hearts soft with passionate

courage. bravery,


valiant beauty slays

hearts tender. vulnerable

creative. needed


gentle power risks

unveiling. hearts wounded set 

free. she captivates.



Partially influenced by Stasi Eldredge’s book, “Captivating,”

mostly influenced by recognizing who God made me to be.




6 thoughts on “Warrior – CountryGirl Style”

  1. lschontos says:

    These are so poignant Darlene. I do love your heart – the warrior part and the country girl part.

    • Thanks miss Linda, for all of it, but especially for meeting me where I’m at. And you know that “love your heart” bit is mutual, right?

    • Sandra – ah, thanks so much. It’s an interesting combo, reading “Captivating” and the writer’s courage book… rattling me something fierce. I’m glad we’re on this phase of the writerly journey together.

  2. Floyd says:

    Awesome! I agree with you, Darlene. The role of women is as important, and could be argued that it is the most important, in all the Bible. Of all the faults we find in the male heroes of the faith, we don’t find those same weaknesses in women. Strong women make strong children… and strong husbands. I know, I have one standing behind me.

    • It’s amazing how God created man and woman to compliment one another’s strengths, it’s as if He had a plan back in the garden! 😉

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