(Howling) Dog Daze of June


Whiskered, black chins

tilt skyward 

furry necks

and grungy blue collars 


as their raucous, tandem


exceeds beginner harmonica’s


Even after spittle

stops flying


breath stops pressing

hard from music-learning mouths,

I cover

my ears laugh loud tears

until I relent,

join them

with lips pressed hard toward the




June has gone to the dogs – according to TweetSpeak Poetry.

Since I’m partial to the wagger-woofers, I’ll be sharing all things dog from around the ole ranchola this month. And yes, we have two dogs, hence the plural in the above poem. Don’t ya love it when they howl? And no, my pup’s not actually howling, she’s licking the window ’cause she’s smart and classy like that.


6 thoughts on “(Howling) Dog Daze of June”

  1. Yes…mine are howling as I type. 🙂 Telling the wind to send a message to the bear…don’t bother trying…

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