(Stoic) Dog Daze of June

For Fun, Poetry, TweetSpeak PhotoPlay, TweetSpeak PoetryPrompt

He was part

grown when

he moved into our

home – an odd


of goofy labrador,

stoic bloodhound.

I remember when

he yanked raspberry vines,

got them stuck in the doggy-door,

his guilty smile, thumping tail

betrayed his woeful eyes.

Chaz the dog pushed,

pawed, stretched furry body

against his 4-year old

master, knocking little lad

off the bed –

Thump! Pup drooled

on young

boy’s pillow while

kiddo slept on hardwood

floor. Dog redeemed all


with growls and bared teeth

(only the once – but it was enough) as

two bad men, he kept at bay. Behind

serious eyes

loyalty runneth

(& waggeth)




June has gone to the dogs – according to TweetSpeak Poetry.

Since I’m partial to wagger-woofers, I’ll try to share dog-ish things from around the ole ranchola in June.

This piece also fits the photoPlay challenge thrown down by the TweetSpeakers.






2 thoughts on “(Stoic) Dog Daze of June”

  1. Marcy Terwilliger says:

    Darlene, mercy girl I just found you, love your page. Pictures speak to me, so much about you, your soul, love it. That dog, well, I just want to kiss it right on the mouth and hug it’s neck. Yesterday a black bird hit something and died on my front porch, sat and held it, cried like a baby. I’m not good with any animal ending it’s life, why do I take it so hard I ask myself? It’s bleak eyes were still open, it’s feathers soft, looks like I have a poem to write about today. These cats of mine are stretched out on beds in the house as far as they can go, hot as blazes for June in the south. Took my grandchildren swimming yesterday, they had a blast and I had six eyes going every second. Love all the black & white photo’s, that’s how I like to shoot mine. I remember back when you bought b&w film and I still have the red lense for the camera, my, my, how times have changed. Been watching the birds come and go in all the houses, they all keep having babies, it’s got to be hot in those wooden houses with no fans. Meant to tell you that my Dad lived once in your neck of the woods. Really they lived just about everywhere. Big family of kids, Granddaddy coached football back then and they moved every time the rent went up. Bet they lived in twenty states before there final rest in Tennessee. I’ll come back later, company coming in from the south for the weekend. That means I have to clean-up and go buy fixins. From one good heart to another, Marcy

    • Marcy, thanks for the comment and kudos! Well, I’m sure if that dog let you get close enough to kiss right on the mouth, he’d soon move to cleaning out your ears too! Which is a little gross seeings that they eat a lot of manure around here. 🙂


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