(a note from my pup) Dog Daze of June

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Dear Darlene,

Oh, lady, thanks for choosing me when I scampered my clumsy

shadow-tripping way onto your lap as you knelt in the newspaper

covered kennel, the one that reeked of assorted puppy stuff, but you

and those two fellers with ya, ignored the aroma, petted my head, then

took me home. That ride we took? (yikes) I remember how you held me on your

lap. I pressed my scared muzzle into your neck. You see, just a week before

some jerk tossed me and my doggity family outta his rig and kerplunked us

into a ditch. Even though I was scared of the automobile, you held me

close, stroked my quivering fur ball body, and ran your lips in puckered kisses

over my dry snout, you tickled my ear when you said, “easy, easy, it’ll be

okay now.” And when we got to where you live, your son’s ginormous dog stood

back and looked and looked and looked. Nary a growl, nor a bark – big fella scared

me anyhow – oh yah, sorry about whizzing on your foot. You took me out, every

2 hours, day and night and night and day – potty training me in February’s frigid

snow, what determination (just so I’d learn to go-go-go outdoors) you’ve shown. Lady,

you are my hero, my she-knight in denim blue jeans! I’m dedicating my own canine

self, from this day forth, to protecting you from all that goes bump in the day

and the night – and whatever else I see fit to bark at, real or imaginary. I’m dedicating

my own canine self, from this day forth, to waking you at 4:03am every single morning –

because we know you love it so. I’m dedicating my own canine self, from this

day forth, to being your bud, your pal, your devoted friend, your loyal shadow who

drinks outta the toilet, eats horse manure, then licks you up one side and down the other.


Reminator the Alligator puppy

(the dog that hardly ever nips your heels or licks your fingers,

but always loves you unconditionally to the moon and back)


My contribution to the Tweetspeak Poetry Prompt

It’s a joy to experience the world through the eyes of a dog.
Poetry Prompt:
Write a poem about one dog’s adventure.




8 thoughts on “(a note from my pup) Dog Daze of June”

  1. I’m not sure if a dog that eats horse manure or cat foo from the litter box and then licks you is worse. Either way, they sure are worthy of love.

    • It is a hard! At least in the frigid winter all creatures great and small want to come back inside as soon as possible.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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