m (and) e

Listening When He Speaks, Poetry, Ugly-Beauty

I secure a page between

the roller, the holder

(behind the keys) and

plunk m

and e. There I 


typed –  cast


canvas, vast


Of all the passers-by, only

two, maybe three

(weigh the interruption) pause,

linger here

with the m and e.


am typed –



rubbing ink against



8 thoughts on “m (and) e”

  1. Great post! However, I can’t see the picture. I wonder if it is my internet or computer. Darn. I reckon I”ll have to sneak a peek later. Anywho, is there a name for this type of poem? Sure does ring true. 🙂

    • Thanks miss C! There’s not much on the picture, just a tiny ME at the lower righthand side.

      A name for this type of poem? I don’t know… let’s just call it “something from Darlene’s morning journal writing time.” 😉


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