Isaiah Blue

Listening When He Speaks, Love God Love People, poetry - haiku

have the skies been blue

with intensity every

eleven September?


or have I noticed 

more? how tilted up beauty

squeezes me closer.


new wine is found in

the cluster, but don’t crush the

blessing. with pain,


righteous pressings hide

incense-burners, sacrifice-

doers from His eyes.


new heavens and new

earth come to stay as dust be-

comes the serpent’s food.


guzzle down remnant

wine, savor Christ’s sacrifice.

accept the upward.



9/11/01. 13 years ago: The bottom fell out; not a Believer, but I became an intense worrier to the point of constant panic.

9/11/02. 12 years ago: I bawled like the rest of the world, remembering. Not a Believer.

9/11/03. 11 years ago: A friend’s baby was born (in another state) while I was at the hospital for a 3-D ultrasound of my high-risk pregnancy baby (due in 2 months). A Believer, indeed! The baby inside had already brought my husband and I both to our knees.

9/11/09. 5 years ago: Sat on the riverbank while husband taught young son how to fish beneath deep, blue skies. Little did we know that we’d be in the cat pee rental within 5 weeks.

9/11/11. 3 years ago: We moved to our current locale (it was over 100 degrees that day) as we left our favorite home place for an unfinished pole barn in the wild woods. 4th move in 2 years. We lived in a horse trailer and a tool shed for a month.

9/11/12. 2 years ago: I had just shared the gospel with an old man at the farmer’s market; decided I could fit in here.

9/11/14. Today: Savoring my acceptance of the One who rights the wrong, binds the broken, heals the lame, takes the shame, bears the pain, gives the gift of life – twice (if you so choose).


* stream of haikus prompted by Isaiah 65





4 thoughts on “Isaiah Blue”

  1. jodyo70 says:

    Darlene, it IS another beautiful day this side of the mountains, and yes, I notice it more. Your timeline of those September 11 days (and your haiku set) brought me to tears. How good our God is.

  2. I am pulled in by the connection of haikus that take me through this journey of gratitude and praise. I for one am not sure if the skies were always so blue this day but I sure do notice it now.

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