Playdates with God – a book review

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Miss Laura Boggess was one of the first writers I met out here in Blogland – some seven or eight years ago. And since that time, I’ve been a devoted reader of her blogSite; in addition, I’ve read her young adult books (Brody’s Story  & Derek’s Story) and I’ve interviewed her (part 1, part 2) about her writerly habits and other assorted whatnots. Over the years and through the pounding of keys, she’s taught, shared, and flung GodShine all about the place.

She forges forward with these traits in her newest book,  Playdates with God.



It is a guidebook for the God-hungry, playtime-deficient among us.

Yes indeedily-do, it is and we are.

Isn’t this the place we all long to return to in our spiritual lives? We hunger for the sweet place that will be unhindered by the daily drink of life. We all long for the bliss of an intimate, unrestrained love relationship with God.


Laura stirs her childhood, current research, God’s personal whispers, and biblical truths into a dish best served on a trampoline.

Or maybe on a giant swing beneath a tree canopy.

These moments when I attend to God are the moments that color returns back into life and my breath is deep and sure.


She also sidles up close and encourages the ordinary wondrous in our days.

And our daze.

Right now — standing on the porch in my bare feet cold on the concrete, I remember that there is One who always sees me… And the One Who Sees me breathes love into my ear. He does not strain to see me. He comes to me soft as the morning frost, melts into my skin and calls me Beloved.


And she brings it back to the sweet spot –

where Truth and desire meet.

When we live our story in tandem with the narrative of the gospel, God is given the place in our lived that he deserves. And spending time with him becomes the most important thing.



Playdates with God * I received a free copy of this book for review purposes.

Had I not, I would’ve paid some greenbacks for it and written the same review (only later).

Buy your copies at Amazon. Print. Kindle.



10 thoughts on “Playdates with God – a book review”

  1. Darlene. You picked the pieces that I needed reminded of tonight. I love you. I’m so glad God brought us together. You are a special lady and a good friend.

    • Sir Matthew – it’s nice to see you outside the TSP ring of things. Thanks for the kudos. And, Laura’s book is indeed bounce-worthy!

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