To Partake or Not

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When asked, I said, “No. No, we don’t celebrate and/or partake in Halloween.”

Good night Irene –

they looked at me like I boiled the bunny and spanked the Claus.

Alrighty then.

Our family’s choice falls under something called personal stewardship. Our personal choice…


Some partake of Sabbath Saturday, some partake Sunday. Some choose as they go.

Some wear prayer caps, some don’t.

Some don’t wear earrings or lipstick, some are adorned & painted.

Some read NIV, some read KJV.

Some know latin, some speak spanish.

Some study greek, some cannot read.

Some have been divorced and remarried, some never marry.

Some eat meat, some don’t.

Some drive a dodge, some drive a buggy.

Some raise their hands when they sing, some clutch the pew.

Some open their eyes as they pray, some never look about.

Some wear jeans (or mini skirts), some wear homespun, long dresses.

Some burn incense, some burn the toast.


How do you love the Lord?

by demeaning differences


by celebrating that which

inks and links our names in the Book of Life?



If you’re still here, and curious as to why we don’t partake, you can click-clack HERE and read the why. If you disagree, it’s okay by me, it’s your choice.




4 thoughts on “To Partake or Not”

  1. Well stated Darlene. I don’t much like Halloween either or what it stands for. However my kids do. Hence the four year olds have a party today at headstart. Will I go? Absolutely because I choose to support the little ones, not the holiday. Happy Thursday.

  2. Our pastor use to say, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. For sure there is much to chose from when it comes to stands. Like you we tend to stand for the principals of the Word and let others go their way. If ask then I can give a reason for the hope that lives within me and that drives my stands. Good post.

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