Ember to Dust

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Amber, notched

sprinkled with ashes

a single cigarette

burns, ember

to dust


Leather-clad tools,

sharpened last

decade stand ever

ready, lonely in his

red, coffee tin – good to the

last drop


He tongue-flips


side to side in practiced

saliva moist succession. Licks

cracked lips

up, down


long necked giraffes – known

from storybooks;

proud, inflight eagles; thick chested

steads – ridden over pastures,

years, no more

whittled in intricate detail. Today


he shaves away

excess, scrapes slow,

sharp – scarred, soft hands tremble

pocketknife blade

lines blur


lonely, he sits at green, metal

kitchen table. Misshapen – a larger left

lobe, nonetheless he

finds my heart



in earthly eyes, grandpa

sees into my

soul –

amber, notched

sprinkled with ashes.



Folks at TweetSpeakPoetry threw down a

whittling poetry prompt.

You in?




4 thoughts on “Ember to Dust”

  1. Marcy Terwilliger says:

    This is a good one Darlene, so real you could almost touch it. The amber to ashes, even though it’s about smoking came full circle to me today. Our Griffin, that cat I talk about only 19 months old, full blooded Bengal, our baby, boy he loved his Daddy. Daddy was holding him last night, likes to sleep like a baby in his arms, big cat that gives kisses on the mouth. Died just like that, within seconds our baby was gone, we think he had a heart attack. Took him this morning, he’s nothing but ashes now and we both can’t stop crying. Life is hard when you love these creatures so much. I’m not sure I’m going to snap back, he died the same time my Smudge did last year.

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