In the Heart of the Dark Wood – Billy Coffey

book review


Only false hope in our house ain’t mine. It’s his. That’s what he keeps in those bottles hidden in his closet. This here compass, though? Momma put this on me and said that’s how I’d find her that day.









Zach didn’t think they are looking for Allie’s plastic Mary at all. They are just trying to find a way to fix Allie’s life.










“We gotta not freak out,” he said, though the shake in his voice told her he was nearly there.










“I don’t know what you didn’t see, but I know what i did. She told me we’re all join’ home soon–you and me and Sam and her. She’s waiting at the red trees, Zach… she said all we gotta do’s be brave.”









At first, Allie believed she would cry again. She bit her lip and sucked it back instead, thinking there would be time enough for that. Her hand squeezed Zach’s. His squeezed back.










Sir Billy Coffey’s newest book, In the Heart of the Dark Wood, releases today. Lest you think you can pick it up and read a little here and there and get on with the doings of your life, you’d be mistaken. Once you enter the woods with Allie and Zach, give in, sit down and read it right on through. I mean, really, you could try to tend to laundry, feeding the dogs, and painting your toe nails–but, it ain’t gonna happen. No sir-No ma’am.


It’s quite a ride. You’ll veer wild between tears and fears – anger and relief – empathy and laughter – sadness and joy. Sure there are big and wild scenes, how could there not be? They’re in the dark wood after all. But, it’s the author’s attention to detail and his wonder telling of the ordinary that drew me into the mix. He’s a master of that writerly nuance. For sure.


Mister Coffey is giving away three copies of this book over at his place. Go on, whatcha waiting for?




(I received a free copy of this book (thank you, by the way) in exchange for a review.

The story reads like you’re watching a movie. It’s comes alive and conjures up lots o’ images,

hence my photo-heavy summary.)


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