Love God Love People

Who dares revel in New Year’s party glee or even presses resolution ink across pages of dreams, desires, wants when so many’ve been lost – family, friends,

the word, really,

and all go slack-hearted, faint as floors and ceilings and walls and neighborhoods and schools and planes drop – news – so, so much lost to churning seas, religious maniacs weilding swords, wild weather,  confusion, speaking before thinking, doing before bending humble. Answers. Questions. Pleas.

Please answer me the why.

Why? Why? Mothers, wives, daughters, sons, husbands, brothers, children, the betrothed, grannies, grandpas drain themselves over and over again but never come up dry. Tears won’t stop – and they may never, no, not ever; least not this side of His plan.

Who dares revel when it’s time for a fasting –

a hold fast to God.


A loving your neighbor as

someone you don’t want

to lose, even if you barley

know their name or their house is

ugly or they stumble in shame.


A beating down flames of hatred

with blankets soaked and seeped

in tears and love and

the water of Life helps

you keep your cool when others lose theirs.


A pouring of temporal champaign, idol-clanking,

fame-seeking down drains because quick highs

don’t carry anyone through hard times, lonely

lows – empty cups held shaking out slow show

where we need our filling.


A burying of whiz-bang, flashy,

fast firecrackers, the idle fancies, the

shimmer, the gold nuggets – all for naught,

not, burn, melt beneath holy grounds

because He will stand tall, reckoning glory-robed in grace.


A reaching across the aisle,

the street, the schoolyard, the

meeting hall, the slick slopes, the pew,

the couch, the table, yes, everywhere and at all times – a grasping

sort of clinging, really.


A tearing down walls like temple

veils thundered, rent in two – declaring

the way is of and for the Lord – united we

stand and kneel and bow – in our access to redemption

gained for the everyday peoples.


Live like Jesus is real, because He is and grasp Him we must, full and tight – it’s the only way to keep despair pushed back against the ropes – though, not with clenched fists and cocked wrists and mouths barbed with bashing, but with redeemed hearts and minds and souls. And our hands, yes, especially those, opened tender to days (and nights) of a New Year.

Scatter some, even all, of your Christ-centered confetti – and revel in the aftermath of that.




5 thoughts on “Revel”

  1. lschontos says:

    Powerful stuff, friend – and filled with great wisdom. For me, underlying all of this is the small flame of hope. Hope that, in His way and in His time, He will make all things new.

  2. “Scatter some, even all, of your Christ-centered confetti – and revel in the aftermath of that.” May the New Year be filled with confetti spread all around. Blessings, Darlene, for a New Year of hope, joy, and comfort.

  3. Good words and good food for contemplation. Christ-centered confetti. I like that image. Just stopping in to say hello and I love you! Big hugs to you for a new year.

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