Laces over Fairies

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I’m not all up on fairies and glitter dust and satin dresses and all that fluff.

And for this photo/poetry prompt, I didn’t find the image I snapped a couple years ago of tiny mushrooms in the paddock (that grew on a rotten log and horse manure). Not much says “fairy tale” more than mushrooms and manure, aye? So, I took a picture of my leather, all-weather, thick-souled boot. It fits.

I didn’t cut my teeth on fairy tales – golly gee whiz my ma was too busy working and paying bills to sit us girls upon her knee and read or talk about winged sprites or fanciful dreams and prince charming schemes and other nonsensical things. However, to my literary credit, and emotional stability, I have a mental folder labeled Rhymes Without Reason: for any Season, and in it are a few memories about three men and tub and a rotten spud. There’s an old gal with a gaggle of kids in a boot. Maybe it was a shoe. Either way, I bet it stunk real bad.


sometimes the old woman

2724sdlives lonely in a boot of her

own making refusing

family hiding self

beneath laces

pulled too





TweetSpeak’s photo/poetry prompt.

Fairy Tale & Fantasy: find a little corner, nook, or hollow (inside or out) that reminds you of a storybook scene




3 thoughts on “Laces over Fairies”

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  2. I love the boot and yes it does fit. You may have not had time for fairies and lace, but you still learned how to be a lady. Boots and dresses work.

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