An Introduction To Education


An Introduction To Education

Education is a systematic process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, techniques, social skills, attitudes, and personal values, through the teaching and training of other individuals or the direct experience of others. Education includes all the processes of acquiring knowledge by self-learning or from any other source. Education is an indirect process of learning by the students and their guardians towards a common goal. Education involves both the learning of the material and the cultivation of interpersonal relationships. There are different forms of education such as general education, special education, vocational education, adult education, higher education, and education for children, labor/service education and knowledge-based learning.

Informal education can be described as the general learning process that takes place in the classroom or any other environment that is designed to encourage individuals to learn. It can also be described as a combination of informal learning and formal education, such as in homes, schools and colleges. Informal education is often characterized by group activities, interactive lessons, workbooks, projectors, and similar arrangements. Informal education is sometimes used as a support system for formal education.

Informal education can take place in the classroom, in the playground, in daycare centers, and at home, among other places. These venues provide the resources for teachers and learners to exchange information. In some instances, informal learning takes place in settings that are supported by formal educational institutions such as colleges and universities. Informal education is facilitated by teachers, other learners, counselors, and motivational speakers. Informal education is commonly applied in the social sciences, technology, health and wellness sectors.

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