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Neighbor Man Cometh

One Christmas Eve my husband and I invited our flannelled, bushy-bearded neighbor man to join us for our family’s traditional, holiday meal. We’d known him for a few years. He used to come to his country property every weekend to camp out, but come one […]


The Heart of the Matter

Dear Other People – Even though there’s a lot of hoopla about which chronic ailment titles are best, and worst, I don’t care how you refer to me. And my disease. A person with diabetes. A diabetic. For me, it’s a big ole nothing-burger. Really. […]


Yesterday’s News

. Yesterday’s newspaper, thin hickory strips, strike a match on the cold cement floor. When I was a kid, men struck matches on zippered . fronts of Wrangler jeans. . Set the kettle on wood cookstove – pepper, salt, fry two eggs, ham steaks in […]


I Asked

In the elementary lunch line I overheard friends who said: No meat, please. No, I cannot have the chili. No, no, sweets, please. My family said decline the cinnamon roll. The cheese? Oh, how I want it, but I cannot touch it, nor eat it. […]


Dear Malakai (letter 1)

Dear Malakai, So I hear tell that you’ve started on a wonky, crazy, brandSpanking new, maybe scary, but somewhat exciting, God-trusting adventure. We’ve needed a kiddo like you in the ranks – an eager, willing, chasing after God sorta young feller. But hey, before I […]


Rent the Pain in Two

Handle my broken? You’re kidding, right? I’ll sweep, gentle-like, sharp shards of glass; replace with glue, a mug’s cracked handle; tape a page, nearly tore in two — but staunch the wounds of my own heart? It’s not possible, plausible, sensible that I’m worth any […]


My Husband’s Cousin

About a dozen years older than us, he was our first post-college friend – and he was kin to my husband. With him, we spent days (and sometimes nights) exploring via 4WD pick-ups in the deep woods near Mt. St. Helens — during the times he lived with […]


20 Years Beyond Hope

My mom and I wore cowboy boots and held hands whilst we walked down the makeshift wedding aisle. Friends and family stood next to tan metal folding chairs and the August sun shone so bright that lots of guests wore sunglasses. Most invitees wore shorts, and besides […]


On the Line

  When I round the bend I’ll look up where our ridge line  kisses the morning sky. You’ll fly bareback on a steed. As long, black hair whips wild, you’ll chase the train. I’ll wave, but you won’t see me. And if you cry, I’ll not know. At the barn, you’ll find this note nailed […]


Dawn Pulls

  while dew-hugged grass glistens, morning watches dawn pull on her golden dress glittering bits nudge nests, awaken birds to harmonize gentle in song damp laundry dangles heavy from the line dawn cracks herself wide, long “Embrace me!” “Embrace me!” morning answers, flinging words over his back “Catch me!” “Catch me!” she […]