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Neighbor Man Cometh

One Christmas Eve my husband and I invited our flannelled, bushy-bearded neighbor man to join us for our family’s traditional, holiday meal. We’d known him for a few years. He used to come to his country property every weekend to camp out, but come one […]


Yesterday’s News

. Yesterday’s newspaper, thin hickory strips, strike a match on the cold cement floor. When I was a kid, men struck matches on zippered . fronts of Wrangler jeans. . Set the kettle on wood cookstove – pepper, salt, fry two eggs, ham steaks in […]



jeans jeans   everywhere the jeans – city, country especially there – rural folk wear ’em Friday and don’t call it casual – because it’s the same as every other day where they work. ride. live. breathe. . . . . . work hard, play harder […]


Leaves & Bark & Such

  . . . autumn daze chilled out yonder, reflected, shining behind her as dishes sudsed warm (lather rinse repeat) she took her way, slow – as rays leaned low; she changed clothes: sweater, knit hat, woolen underthings – in town she found the creek-sliced park overflowing with fallen […]


Learning to Look

I want to remember to let myself be intoxicated in the present -the here and now- so I can see the beauty right in front of me. . But I’m learning to look out the windows, to talk to my seat mates, to stop and […]


20 Years Beyond Hope

My mom and I wore cowboy boots and held hands whilst we walked down the makeshift wedding aisle. Friends and family stood next to tan metal folding chairs and the August sun shone so bright that lots of guests wore sunglasses. Most invitees wore shorts, and besides […]


Worn Out

worn out twice                   (the one that                             bares                               […]


On the Line

  When I round the bend I’ll look up where our ridge line  kisses the morning sky. You’ll fly bareback on a steed. As long, black hair whips wild, you’ll chase the train. I’ll wave, but you won’t see me. And if you cry, I’ll not know. At the barn, you’ll find this note nailed […]


Darlene’s Countrified Clothesline Advice

Dear Sophisticated Darlene, I’ve been reading your site for eons, okay, really, just for two days, but I’m super duper impressed with your wide array of sophisticated knowledge. I hope, hope, hope that you will pull my question from your frilly, ribbon-ensconced, satin-lined hatbox to […]


Take Your Poet To Work – reporter on the scene

NEWSFLASH: There have been reports of multiple paper pocket poet peoples popping up all over the place. All over the workplace to be exact. For up-to-date information, we turn the newscast over to our country bumpkin affiliate’s self-proclaimed rough ‘n tough ruralite reporter. Forget Johnnyon Thespot, your […]


Dependence Day (no typo)

Happy 4th of July! . On America’s Independence Day, let us celebrate our nation’s independence (from a tyrannical rule) AND her dependence (on a sovereign God). . . red: blood shed by Christ for our sins-n-salvation blood shed for our country’s freedom white: righteousness by God, for God […]

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