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Neighbor Man Cometh

One Christmas Eve my husband and I invited our flannelled, bushy-bearded neighbor man to join us for our family’s traditional, holiday meal. We’d known him for a few years. He used to come to his country property every weekend to camp out, but come one […]


I Asked

In the elementary lunch line I overheard friends who said: No meat, please. No, I cannot have the chili. No, no, sweets, please. My family said decline the cinnamon roll. The cheese? Oh, how I want it, but I cannot touch it, nor eat it. […]


Dear Malakai (letter 1)

Dear Malakai, So I hear tell that you’ve started on a wonky, crazy, brandSpanking new, maybe scary, but somewhat exciting, God-trusting adventure. We’ve needed a kiddo like you in the ranks – an eager, willing, chasing after God sorta young feller. But hey, before I […]


Oh Yes You Can

Even though I wrote this piece five years ago, as I blew the dust off and read it this morning, it’s still applicable today, armpit and all. (I updated the dates though.) . . Here is the poem I left on the bathroom counter for my […]


An Ounce

  He’s so confused he don’t now whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt. ~ Truvy (Steel Magnolias move) . New Year’s resolutions, one-word centering devices, themes, dreams and/or ideals may work for the stick to it sort lurking among us, but for the confused and discombobulated, […]



Who dares revel in New Year’s party glee or even presses resolution ink across pages of dreams, desires, wants when so many’ve been lost – family, friends, the word, really, and all go slack-hearted, faint as floors and ceilings and walls and neighborhoods and schools […]


neighbor Man

Christmas Eve, about eight years ago, my family invited the neighbor man to dinner. We’d known him a couple years but never asked him to our home. He kept to himself and his campfire, and sometimes his rollicking, noisy, beer-chugging friends. His place was set back from the road […]


manger’s Man

. hope un-swaddled babe’s . birth heralded by angels . beckoned shepherds wise . follow signs – fickle . stray away from manger’s Man . before the veil is torn . . .   . .     two haikus: reflection of December 17 reading in Ann Voskamp’s The Greatest […]


Drinking Pieces

. a soft answer turns away wrath doesn’t go astray leaves hate smoldering demands nothing expects something (a conversation at a ktchen table might help) no coffee no tea no soda – only broken cups piled high; ask rioters to bring back the pieces. someone’s momma […]


Ember to Dust

Amber, notched sprinkled with ashes a single cigarette burns, ember to dust   Leather-clad tools, sharpened last decade stand ever ready, lonely in his red, coffee tin – good to the last drop   He tongue-flips lemonheads side to side in practiced saliva moist succession. […]


To Partake or Not

When asked, I said, “No. No, we don’t celebrate and/or partake in Halloween.” Good night Irene – they looked at me like I boiled the bunny and spanked the Claus. Alrighty then. Our family’s choice falls under something called personal stewardship. Our personal choice… . Some […]


Here I Am – or not.

I am the girl that people forget. . Those around me are remembered. But usually, not me. When I expressed my concern to an ever-popular friend, she told me that my looks and qualities remind her of “the girl next door.” Yeah, the girl next […]