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jeans jeans   everywhere the jeans – city, country especially there – rural folk wear ’em Friday and don’t call it casual – because it’s the same as every other day where they work. ride. live. breathe. . . . . . work hard, play harder […]



elastic topped, sheer silk, lace-edged, rides high among black skirts, button-ups, . jeans, faded towels, bed sheets – wooden clipped to clothesline – quivering, a slip. . .. .     Photo(and)PoetryPrompt: Air.Breath.Wind at TweetSpeakPoetry . .


butter heavy

i found her chewing through walnuts, cranberries, butter heavy toast. red lip- stick colored her coffee mug. crumbs stuck to table linens. . . . . . TSP photo&poetry: Bread, Pastries, Pies prompt . .


Leaves & Bark & Such

  . . . autumn daze chilled out yonder, reflected, shining behind her as dishes sudsed warm (lather rinse repeat) she took her way, slow – as rays leaned low; she changed clothes: sweater, knit hat, woolen underthings – in town she found the creek-sliced park overflowing with fallen […]


Darlene’s Countrified Clothesline Advice

Dear Sophisticated Darlene, I’ve been reading your site for eons, okay, really, just for two days, but I’m super duper impressed with your wide array of sophisticated knowledge. I hope, hope, hope that you will pull my question from your frilly, ribbon-ensconced, satin-lined hatbox to […]


Lines ‘n Racks

laundry laundry laundry on the line of summer’s breeze or winter’s wind. on the rack – draped just so, usually next to the wood cookstove. heaps stacks and baskets. before washing, it’s just piles of stink sweat, dirt, spills and other assorted humanly (or canine) ills, but […]

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(Stoic) Dog Daze of June

He was part grown when he moved into our home – an odd combination of goofy labrador, stoic bloodhound. I remember when he yanked raspberry vines, got them stuck in the doggy-door, his guilty smile, thumping tail betrayed his woeful eyes. Chaz the dog pushed, […]


Our Scattered Matters

      We’ve moved a lot in the last few years and some of it has been crapTastic — like the first place on our relocation saga that we spitefully referred to as the Cat Pee House. Ick. In three years we lived in two […]

Patterns Out

Patterns Out

Sometimes the slide slip fall patterns out our own marring scarring shredding and digging of deep linear goudges and despite normalcy odds – we  cling.   . . These two images are in response to TweetSpeak Poetry’s Spanish Lace Photography Prompt. And since the only lace I […]