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jeans jeans   everywhere the jeans – city, country especially there – rural folk wear ’em Friday and don’t call it casual – because it’s the same as every other day where they work. ride. live. breathe. . . . . . work hard, play harder […]



elastic topped, sheer silk, lace-edged, rides high among black skirts, button-ups, . jeans, faded towels, bed sheets – wooden clipped to clothesline – quivering, a slip. . .. .     Photo(and)PoetryPrompt: Air.Breath.Wind at TweetSpeakPoetry . .


butter heavy

i found her chewing through walnuts, cranberries, butter heavy toast. red lip- stick colored her coffee mug. crumbs stuck to table linens. . . . . . TSP photo&poetry: Bread, Pastries, Pies prompt . .


Leaves & Bark & Such

  . . . autumn daze chilled out yonder, reflected, shining behind her as dishes sudsed warm (lather rinse repeat) she took her way, slow – as rays leaned low; she changed clothes: sweater, knit hat, woolen underthings – in town she found the creek-sliced park overflowing with fallen […]


Ember to Dust

Amber, notched sprinkled with ashes a single cigarette burns, ember to dust   Leather-clad tools, sharpened last decade stand ever ready, lonely in his red, coffee tin – good to the last drop   He tongue-flips lemonheads side to side in practiced saliva moist succession. […]


Lines ‘n Racks

laundry laundry laundry on the line of summer’s breeze or winter’s wind. on the rack – draped just so, usually next to the wood cookstove. heaps stacks and baskets. before washing, it’s just piles of stink sweat, dirt, spills and other assorted humanly (or canine) ills, but […]

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(We’ve Got) Dog Daze of June

I’ve got your back, little buddy. You’ve got my hairy belly, turned wrong-side up when I’m looking for a scratch. I’ve got your friendship, little buddy. You’ve got my pillow beside your bed, a hug, a walk, a ball-toss. I’ve got your heart, little buddy. And  you’ve […]

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(a note from my pup) Dog Daze of June

Dear Darlene, Oh, lady, thanks for choosing me when I scampered my clumsy shadow-tripping way onto your lap as you knelt in the newspaper covered kennel, the one that reeked of assorted puppy stuff, but you and those two fellers with ya, ignored the aroma, petted my head, […]


(Stoic) Dog Daze of June

He was part grown when he moved into our home – an odd combination of goofy labrador, stoic bloodhound. I remember when he yanked raspberry vines, got them stuck in the doggy-door, his guilty smile, thumping tail betrayed his woeful eyes. Chaz the dog pushed, […]


A Caffeinated Ode

    Ode poetry sometimes sings the praises of the everyday. Write an ode about a favorite coffee or tea shop. What makes it yours? Write about the atmosphere, or the people who craft the beverages that make your day bright. ~ TweetSpeak Poetry serves […]

Golden Legs & Good Night Kisses

Golden Legs & Good Night Kisses

Saturday nights my little sis and I got belly low, crawled up the stairs and spied as momma walked by – square dance frills, pale blue & stark white; glittery, golden legs. Hair spray, perfume, penciled eyebrows, drops of pink hue rubbed cheeks to ears. […]