History of Science – The Scientific Revolution

Science is a systematic professional enterprise which builds and coordinates knowledge in the form of generalizable predictions and testable predictions about the universe. It has been said that science is not religion; in fact it is a quest for truth looking for laws of nature and for a living world in its current state of development. A branch of mathematics, physics is concerned with the physical laws governing the interaction of matter and forces acting on objects. In this line of study, the study of phenomena is called as Physical Science.


The history of science can be traced back to the development of various physical sciences followed by the efforts of Galileo and others. Later on, mechanics developed and science started with a Cartesian perspective. Later on quantum mechanics developed and it considered time, space, and matter as well as matter itself. Einstein was one of the few scientists who took up the challenge of science to answer questions of all humanity.

Science has made significant contributions to the understanding of life and consciousness. It is not enough to have knowledge about facts. One has to go a step further to understand how these facts can help us understand the way the world and life works. In turn, knowledge is power and knowledge of the past has helped us make better decisions regarding the future of human life on the planet. As Albert Einstein once observed, “A small step for man, a large step for the planet,” is what he believed was the motto of science.

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