Education – The Process of Acquiring Knowledge


Education – The Process of Acquiring Knowledge

Education is the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, skills, beliefs, and practices for the accomplishment of particular goals. The process is applicable in all fields and in all institutions whether it is an institution of higher learning, a school, university or community college and whether it is public or private. Education also encompasses learning for life and it is called universal education. This type of education is promoted by social services and it aims at enhancing individual’s sense of social responsibility and social equality.

The learning process is divided into three phases namely formal education, the learning process, and independent learning. Formal education involves systems of learning such as classroom teaching and the study of textbooks. The learning process includes the process of acquiring the knowledge, acquiring the skills and enhancing one’s aptitude for further studies, developing one’s personality, learning to work in a team atmosphere, learning about the society and getting a fair share in the distribution of resources.

Learning can be informal education which is considered as a part of everyday learning. Informal education is the result of the concentration on using all the possibilities provided by technology, information exchange and interaction. It involves the use of computers, internet and informal learning experiences. In independent learning, students gain knowledge through self-directed study. It can be done at home, at school or any place and it is a means of enhancing knowledge through experience and observation.

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