Important Facts About Science

Science is an organized venture which builds and implements information in the form of predictions and testable interpretations about the universe. It is a discipline concerned with the collection, control, presentation, and evaluation of data and knowledge in the scientific and engineering fields. Some of the branches of science are physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, health sciences, quantitative methods, computer science, zoology, forestry, and environmental science. In order to make progress in these fields, the various techniques used in research are utilized.


There are various fields of science and some of them are physical sciences like astronomy, chemistry, physics, and biology, social sciences like anthropology, social sciences, statistics, health sciences, physical sciences including physics, astronomy, geology, and health management, engineering science like computer engineering, construction science, electricity and mechanics, and physical sciences including physical sciences, mathematics, technology, and health sciences. In United States, most of the colleges offer degrees in science. There are also colleges which offer degrees in engineering science, which provides training in different branches of engineering.

The major work of science is to study different branches of natural science like microbiology, genetics, and physiology. By understanding these and other facts, scientists try to learn about nature and about living beings. Through this, we come to know about life on earth and learn about its development and how we can affect it in our daily lives.

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