What Does “Tech” Mean These Days?

The term “Tech” is now a general term used to describe a lot of different things in our modern world. Some use the term more literally than others; some people even take it literally and have become so engrossed in it that they cannot seem to move away from it no matter how much time has passed. But the simple definition of tech is, “The application of technology in human activities.” In other words, technology is anything that is used in human activities. So then we have taken the term “Tech” literally and applied it to everything from rocket launches and airplanes to jewelry and computers.


One way to look at the meaning of tech is to think about what would be considered “tech” if there were no computers and the internet. For example, let’s say that you want to get a good job as a software engineer – the sort of job where you are working on cutting-edge computer programs for the defense industry or other high-end technology industry. To get that job you need to be an expert in computer software engineering, so what does that mean? It means you must be skilled in both hardware and software development.

Another way to think about the meaning of tech is to think about the field of information technology itself. If you are a hiring manager in a large information technology industry company, what kind of skills do you think that you need in order to be effective? Hiring managers today certainly do not care about your background as a computer programmer or information technology expert; they just want to know that you can handle the new technology projects that come their way. For this particular hiring manager, knowledge of both software development and hardware design would be a very important quality.

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